Friday, November 9, 2012

We're a Military Family

Big changes for the Douglas family today! Ryan is officially a military man! I am so proud of his decision to serve his country!
Ryan is now a member of the Air National Guard! He will be leaving to Texas for basic training in January, and then shortly after that to Florida for TACP tech school.
Although this wont be a forever job, it is going to be so perfect for right now. It will help so much as Ryan progresses through dental school. We are grateful for all the school benefits and opportunities the air guard offers.
This is a completely new a different experience for us! I am nervous about Ryan being gone for training, but also very excited and proud of him.
Love you Ryan <3


Jennie Nelson said...

u will love the military!:)

STAYC said...

I didn't realize Ryan was going to dental school - that's awesome! Congrats on him being sworn in!

Streett's said...

Congrats to you guys that's awesome! We'll have to start doing lots of playdates while he's gone! :)