Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A couple of weeks ago we took a cruise to Freeport, Nassau and Half Moon Cay Bahamas. We had the best time playing on the beach, laying out on the boat, snorkling, going to shows, playing at the Atlantis resort, boggie boarding, zip lining, shopping, drinking fruity drinks, listening to karaoke, going to comedy clubs and of course eating! Ryan and I flew into Orlando a day early and went zip lining over gator ponds and shopping at the outlet malls. Gatorland was so fun.. I was a little nervous about being flying 30 mph, 150 feet up, supported by a bungee cord over hundreds of big hungry alligators, but it ended up being a blast! After we finished the zip lines, we explored gatorland a bit and then headed to the outlet malls, which were amazing! I found my favorite store, Loft Outlet and we did some shopping!
We picked up Karalee and Austin at the airport later that day and we headed straight to the beach! That night we went to dinner at this fun little place on the beach called the Sandbar. I felt very pressured to try alligator, so I did, but unfortunatly I didnt quite get it down. Other than that, the food was delious! The next morning we had a beach day! Cocoa beach was so much fun! The waves were huge since it was a little windy, so that boys had a blast in the water, while Karalee and I sat on the beach/played in the water. We got on our cruise ship that afternoon and immediatly started eating! They had a yummy buffet and 24 hour pizza, sandwiches and soft serve ice cream!
The next day we made our first stop at Freeport! We spent the morning at the beach. It was gorgeous and the water was so warm. After the boys finished building sand castles, we played in the water, layed in the sun and then headed to do some shopping. When we got back over to town, we found a little place that made the most delious tropical smoothies and they had a huge straw market, where the locals had a bunch of fun homemade things for sale.
After that was Nassau! We LOVED this port! It was so goregous and tropical looking! The water was turquiose and there were palm trees everywhere! Once we got of the boat we headed straight to the Atlantis resort. We talked to some shaddy guy in a van and got tickets into the resort for $80 when they normally cost $180! We were a little unsure if it was a good idea at first, but they turned out to be legit and it made our day that much better! We were in heaven at Atlantis. It was the day of "no breaks", where were were not allowed so sit down and relax for one second because there was so much to do! They have an amazing aquarium, HUGE water slides, a super fun mile long river, huge pools and the most beautiful beach you have ever seen!
Sketchy wristbands!!
The last stop was Half Moon Cay, the cuise lines private island. Ryan and Austin played a little two on two when we first got there, with a couple carnival employee's then we headed to the beach. The beach was sooooo beautiful! The water was a goregous tuquiose and crystal clear, and the sand was white and felt like powder! There were no rocks, shells, seaweed or anthing! It was perfect! We went snorkling for a few hours and saw some fun things! There were tons of fish, most were bright, neon colored. Austin found a little sting ray, which he almost stepped on, and then we saw a huge, scary barcuda! He was giant, and had some huge, scary teeth... he looked mean! A little later we walked to the other side of the island where they have tons of sting rays that you can swim with!
Our last day was a full day at Sea. It was our one day that we tried to sleep in a little bit. After we were up, we got breakfast and spent the day laying out on the boat, playing bingo, playing on the water slides and going to shows.