Saturday, August 7, 2010

Rigby Family Reunion

This weekend we went to Utah for a family reunion on my moms side. It was a fun weekend, but Ryan couldn't go because he had to work and I really hate being away from him so that was kind of a bummer. :( I was really happy to see my grandparents and my aunts and uncles that I don't get to see very much. Peyton had a blast from the moment we got to my aunts house because they have a little dog and two bunnies and she is an animal lover! She spent the first 2 hours chasing their little dog around the house. When she first saw the dog she said "oh oh doggy!" over and over again and she got so excited it brought her to tears. :) She really loved holding the bunnies too but she didn't get to see them quite as much because they couldn't take her abuse like the dog could. 
Peyton and Kaden had a blast chasing the dog. Peyton was running full speed all over the house and had a few face plants along the way!
Saturday morning before the reunion we went to temple square. I love going to temple square. The salt lake temple is so amazing!
I LOVE the flowers at temple square in the spring and summer. They are so gorgeous!
Peyton had a blast running around outside so I had to get some cute shots of her by all the beautiful flowers! I love this girl more that words can say!
We also went though the church history museum, which I have been to a lot but I love it every time!
My Grandpa Rigby also showed us where the embroidered samplers that his Great Grandma made were displayed. He was so happy to see them and it was so neat to have something in the church history museum that is so closely tied to our family.
Little Peyton Jo was not very nice in the museum. She loves new places and thinks that everywhere we take her is just a big new play place for her. She doesn't fully understand she has to be quite and well behaved sometimes :)
After temple square we went to my Grandpas brothers house in Salt Lake for the reunion. There was a BBQ and swimming. Peyton loves swimming and Taylor gladly volunteered to get in the pool with her! He is such a wonderful uncle!
It has been a fun weekend but I cant wait to go home to Ryan!!!