Friday, March 27, 2009

Guinness Record Breaking

Spencer and his friend Dalin decided they wanted to break some guinness world records. So what they came up with was to break the record of person wearing the most shirts at one time. The record is 238 shirts so they are going for 240. They did a test run to see if it was going to work out... they each ended up with 33 shirts on and they started turning purple everywhere because they were cutting off blood circulation and they couldnt put their arms down. It was very comical to watch! We will see if they real record breaking ever gets attemped.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Shower, Dirtbiking, Valentines Day & More Baby!

Last Saturday was my baby shower at Joann Parkinsons house. It was so fun and there was so much good food! We had a brunch and Joann made her amazing crepes, and we had orange rolls, cinnamon rolls, mini deli sandwiches and chips, fruit and dip, mini cup cakes, cookies, and lots of other yummy treats! We had so many people help with the shower, my aunts did a lot and so did some ladies from my ward, and also my best friend krys! It was such a great turn out! I cant wait until out little girl is here!

Only 7 weeks to go!!

Lots of fun gifts! I cant wait to dress her up in all of the adorable clothes that I have for her!! My aunt Kim put together a really cute baby memory game!

Lots of yummy food!

All of the boys are really into dirt biking. They have only been a few times this year and there has already been a really bad crash! This is Ryan's first year really riding dirt bikes and he is already getting so good!! He says its only a matter of time before he breaks something! :(

These are some pictures of Ryan on one of the tracks. They are kinda blurry because I was really far away when I took them.
Spencer going off the free style ramp that he built with my dad and Ryan!

This was Brandons first time going off the free style ramp. He hit it a little to fast and landed on his front tire. His bike did a front flip and so did he! It was really crazy! He thought he had broken both of his arms but it turns out he just has a hurt shoulder!

Kaden is 5 now so he is learning to ride his little dirt bike. Ryan was having a talk with him before he got on to make sure he didnt get scared and accidentally hold the gas and take off! He was really scared and went so slow, but then when he started getting more comfortable he was going really fast, taking really sharp turns and standing up on his dirt bike while he was going!

This was me at 25 weeks!

Me and Ryan have almost all of our baby stuff! We cant wait to put it all together and set up the nursery! Ryan put together our travel system the other night! We love it! We cant wait for our little girl! We are so excited!!!

Ryan and I had the best Valentines Day! We forgot to bring a camera and took pictures with Ryan's phone but now cant find the right cord to put them on the computer! So hopefully there will be pictures to come soon! Ryan decided that he wanted Valentines day to be a suprise so he blindfolded me and drove me around for about 20 minutes until we ended up at a hotel just a few minutes from our house! :) In the room he had PF Changs (my fav!!) waiting all set up on the table which was decorated so cute! There was an amazing bouquet of flowers, two bottles of sparkling cider with cute cups to drink from :) and a jar full of yummy valentines candy. Later we had yummy cookies and amazing chocolate covered strawberries and watched movies (girly movies) that Ryan rented for us to watch! It was such a fun night! Ryan is such a sweet husband!