Wednesday, November 25, 2009

7 Months, Birthday, Temple, Baby Shower, Thanksgiving, and More!

This week has been so so busy! Peyton is now 7 months! She really has changed so much in this last month. She can now crawl, and she can go from crawling to sitting and sitting to crawling. She is getting so good and fast at it! She is just so busy, she is into everything! She is starting to pull herself up onto things, but only up onto her knees. She cant quite get onto her feet yet. Peyton is a big talker. She is always talking or making some sort of noise. She has learned a few new tricks. She can now clap, wave and give high fives! We love her so so much!!! Peyton and Daddy having a little chat :) I love them!Peyton immediately rolls onto her tummy and curls into a ball with her bum in the air when I lay her down. Its very cute!Sunday was Ryans 23rd birthday, so Saturday night my parents ordered the ufc fights for him and had food and some people to watch. Sunday we had family dinners, cake and presents with both families. Ryan got a lot of great stuff and had a really good birthday. Peyton was so excited about the candles on the cake she crawled right over and took a big handful of the cake. Peyton had so much fun with the tissue paper from daddys presents!Tuesday was our sealing day. It was such a wonderful day for our family. Peyton was just so adorable in her white dress. I love my little family so much!My wonderful husband bought me a pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings for our special day! I love him!That night we had a dinner at my parents house. We had so many friends and family that came to support us!
It is nearly impossible to get Ryan and his brothers to take a good picture!Peyton had so much fun playing with her cousin Chloe. They were taking turns chewing on Chole's hat and giving each other big kisses!Then on Wednesday we had a baby shower for my sister in law Jessica. We had so much yummy food and it was a really great turn out! We are so excited for her little girl to get here!Jordan getting in some practice before his little girl gets here!Thursday of course was Thanksgiving! In the morning we had turkey bowl. It was really fun to go watch all the boys play.We ate at Ryan's moms house this year. We had a really great Thanksgiving dinner and we are so glad Jordan and Jessica could come up from California to be with us!Peyton tried a lemon for the first time at dinner, she really didnt like it to much but she sure made some adorable faces!