Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween and 6 Months!

Peyton is now 6 months! I just cant believe my baby is already 6 months. She has such a big fun personality. We love her so much. She is just the happiest little girl. She very rarely gets upset or cries. I love that she is starting to always want me and Ryan, its just so cute when she puts her arms out for us to pick her up. Peyton can pretty much go anywhere she wants to, and she does always want to be going somewhere! She usually rolls everywhere but sometime she will get up and scoot herself or even crawl a little bit. Her most favorite thing in the world is bath time. She gets so excited and splashes everywhere, and gets me soaking wet. She sleeps so well at night, but is not a huge fan of taking naps (which is probably why she sleeps so well at night). I can get her to take two 45 minute naps a day usually, if I am lucky. She just always wants to be up, playing getting all the attention! She gets a thrill out of pulling blankets over her face, which is a very scary habit of hers. Whenever she wakes up from her naps, she doesn't cry she just pulls a blanket over her head and waits for someone to come and find her. Even if I tuck her blanket into her crib, she still some how manages to get it over her face. Hopefully she grows out of that soon! She is such a busy busy baby. She is constantly moving and wiggling around. She cant sit still for a second she is always looking around for anything in her reach that she may be able to grab to put in her mouth. She is still growing so much a getting so big. She is already to long for 9 month pajamas! She is a tall baby girl! She talks do much lately and she always says "da da", even though she doesnt really know what that is. :)She is just more and more fun everyday! Peyton's first Halloween started out a little bit rough. She was so tired and grumpy and not very happy that she had to be in a costume. She sure was cute though! She was very upset most of the night and just wanted to be held and needed constant attention :) She did however, love her very first pumpkin! We didn't do anything to exciting this year, since Peyton is to young to go trick or treating we decided to stay home, pass out candy carve pumpkins and watch Hocus Pocus! It turned out to be a really fun night. Ryan is a professional pumpkin carver and I am definitely not! Ryan is such a great husband.. he wasn't super happy about it, but he carved me a Twilight Edward and Bella pumpkin. It turned out so great! I just cant wait any longer for NEW MOON!!! Thanks Ryan :)

I had a hard time trying to take a picture of the pumpkin. You can kind of see how it turned out in this one, you just cant see the pumpkin. It looks just like the movie!
Here is our little cheetah.. having a hard night. I know I shouldn't be taking time to take pictures while she is crying, but she just looked so adorable I couldn't help it. Poor Miss Peyton.
Peyton and Daddy carving pumpkins. Peyton wanted to be involved in everything we were doing and wanted to help daddy do everything!Oh life is so much better when I can just sit in my high chair without a cheetah costume on, play with my pumpkin and chew on my headband :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Peyton's Baby Blessing

Peyton's baby blessing was such a great experience for our family. We decided to do a home blessing, Peyton looked so beautiful in her dress and Ryan did such an amazing job. We had a lot of family there to support us and we had a lot of yummy desserts afterwards. I am so happy to have a worthy priesthood holder as a husband and such a sweet baby girl!
4 Generations: Baby Peyton, Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma. I have a picture when I was Peyton's age with my Great Great Grandma, 5 Generations! We were so excited to get a 5 generations picture when Peyton was born, but her Great Great Grandpa died 4 days before she was born. So sleepy after her big day.