Saturday, May 23, 2009

In Sante Fe, NM! My grampa said that in the movie "twins" there is a shot where arnold schwartzenegger is standing right where we are in this picture! :)On our way to Texas!Stopping to let Peyton out of her car seat for a bit!This is what we got to look at for 13 hours!We couldnt stop everytime Peyton wanted to eat so we would prop the bottle up on a blanket.. she got really good at feeding herself!Peyton finally decided that she likes pacifiers!!This is one of my favorite faces that Peyton makes! Ryan all ready for his new job :)Behind our apartments there is a forest! Peyton didnt seem to mind her swimming suit to much... but she hated her hat!Peyton feeding herself again so that we could take a picture of her.. we love her long skinny legs!Peyton loves her little blanket that Grama Roberts gave her!Ryans cousins gave Petyon this adorable little outfit so we tried so hard to get a cute picture of her in it.. but she was really not happy about it.Ryan came up behind me and put Peyton on my shoulders and that is when Peyton decided she loves to pull hair!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Update!

Well we are on our way to Texas! Ryan will be selling alarm systems for apx alarms this summer in Houston. We left Thursday and drove 8 hours to Richfield, Ut and stayed one night there with Ryan's Grama. We got to see all of Ryan's family that live there. It was so much fun. We were planning on staying another night with Ryan's Grama, but we thought we didnt have time because they said they wanted Ryan there asap. Turns out, they didnt have our apartment ready and wont have it ready until Monday. Then Friday we drove 10 hours to New Mexico to stay with my Grandparents, which is where we are now. We arent leaving until Monday to drive to Houston. It has been nice to have a break. Today we went to Santa Fe, went to lunch and walked around the shops there. It has been so good to see my family! Peyton has done really well on our drives so far. She has slept most of the way, and just wakes up to eat and be changed. And she loves her car seat which is great news for us! Our drive on Monday will be about 13 hours so hopefully that will go good! :)

Other news.. Ryan got a basketball scholarship to play at TVCC in the fall. I am so proud of him, he just went to one tryout and the coach was very impressed and gave him a spot on the team. A couple days later he went to open gym and the coach was even more impressed and gave him a scholarship! I am so excited to watch him play basketball again, he is amazing! So the plan now is to play there for 2 years, get some classes done and then play at a bigger school while he finishes his degree and gets ready to go to law school!

Baby Peyton is doing so good. We just love having her here! I dont know how we ever lived without her, she is just such a sweetheart! She sure is a lot of work but very worth it. Being a mom is so great! She is getting so funny and cute everyday. We love her so much!

And also our one year anniversary is tomorrow!!! I cant believe we have been married for a whole year. It has gone by so quick! Ryan is the best husband anyone could ask for, and he is such a good daddy to Peyton. I love you Ryan!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Peyton's Newborn Pictures.. and some other cute pictures of her!

Brooke Mack took Peyton's newborn pictures, and they turned out so cute! Peyton was not very happy about the whole experience but we got some really good pictures anyway! This is one of my favorites, I made her this little tutu and headband, she looks like a little princess! I cant stop constantly taking pictures of her, she is just so cute!She is so funny when she sleeps! She always has to have her arms all over the place! And her new thing is that she wont wear her pjs anymore. She is much happier in just a onesie!This picture is kinda blurry, but I thought it was so funny!Peyton loves spending time on her tummyMY TWO LOVES!!!Peyton is mesmerized by the tv! She goes crossed eyed a lot when watching it!Peyton and Grampa... very sleepy!I love all the adorable faces she makes!Peyton is so tiny, even newborn clothes dont fit her! :)
We love you Peyton Jo!