Sunday, January 22, 2012


Here are just a few random pictures of the people I love most..

Friday, January 20, 2012

2011 Wrap Up!

Well it is a new year I figured I should probably catch up on all the events from last year that havent been posted! These last few months have been so busy and so fun!

As always Thanksgiving was busy this year! There was a lot of family time, football and yummy food! Thanksgiving morning all the boys had turkey bowl, which is always so fun to watch! Peyton spent the whole time teaching Grampa Rick how to march, and Beckam slept the entire time in the car. We had two Thanksgivings this year, just as we do most years. First we had lunch at my Grama and Grampa Christensens house. After we ate, we played bingo, and Ryan won twice. He got a present for Peyton Jo the first time, because he is such a good daddy, and a the second time he won a remote control helicopter, which he flew all day long. After lunch, we went to Ryan's moms house for dinner. There was so much good food! We feel very blessed that our families all live in one place so we can spend holidays with everyone.. even if we are completly sick by the end of the day! :)
We also got to celebrate Christmas with just about everyone! Peyton had begged me for a week or so to make cookies for Santa, so we baked sugar cookies and Peyton made them look so beautiful. This girl has some mad cookie decorating skills.. Dont mind the outfit change, she decided she needed to wear Christmas pjs to decorate Christmas cookies. Or maybe I decided that.. :)
When it came to presents this year, the babies were beyond spoiled! Peyton was loving that she got to open presents just about everyday for a week. My Grama and Grama Rigby bought them both some cute little outfits. My Grama and Grampa Christenen brought gifts over about a week before Christmas. Peyton got some little magnent dress up dolls that she loves, among other things. And Beckam got your typical 5 month old baby toys, which he loves too. Grampa Rick and Pam came over a few days before Christmas and brought Beckam a new walker and Peyton a guitar and a my little pony remote control car, again among other things. Peyton was way excited about her new guitar, so she put on a little rock show for us all.
Christmas eve we went over to my parents house. Everyone opened their Chistmas pjs and opened presents. Peyton got a littlest pet shop tree house, which she loved, and Beckam got a new play mat which he was vey excited about! They got so many fun things! I just love my babies is fleece footie pjs!
Christmas day we had our own little family Christmas at our house and I will admit I got way carried away buying gifts for my babies this year. But it was totally worth it because Peyton was HAPPY! Beckam really didnt care much, but Peyton had fun opening his presents up for him and showing them to him. She is such a good big sister!
Later Christmas day we went over to Ryan's moms house, where the babies were once again.. spoiled. They had presents from Grama Douglas, Aunt Jess, Uncle Carson and Great Grama oberts! They both got cute little outfits and super fun toys! Uncle Carson gave Peyton little missionry action figures and told her that they are Uncle Spencer and Uncle Carson (who are both now out on missions) and Peyton loves playing with them! She even gave them girlfriends, Carson got the Cinderella barbie and Spence got the Ariel barbie. I think Spence and Carson would both appreciate that.
Ryan and I were also spoiled during all of this with pf changs, tj maxx and cabelas gift cards, tickets to see les mes, clothes, treats, a drink super cute drink dispenser and.. a kichen aid! (and more) I was happy! :)
After all the presnt giving was said and done, we made it back to our house with them and after 4 trips of bringing in toys from the car I decided to put all Peyton and Beckam's new things on the couch for a picture! Its a bit much.... yeah?
There were many other holiday festivies that went on through the month. We had several family Christmas parties. One at my Grama Christensens house, where she made yummy food and then we all went to the church to play minute to win it games. It was so much fun! Ryan and I made an awesome team when I had to through m&ms at him trying to get them to stick to his forehead smeared with peanut butter. We went against 2 other teams and we won! We stuck 14 m&ms in one minute!
One of Peyton's favorite activities this year was decorating gingerbread houses!
Baby Beckam slept for a while, but then woke up to join the fun!
A few of the candies didnt quite make it onto the gingerbread house..
While I was taking a picture of the finished product, the whole house collapsed. Peytons reaction was priceless.
Day 2 of building gingerbread houses..
The older boys were not very helpful..
We also got to go see all the fun lights down at the botanical gardens with Grampa Rick and Pam. It was cold, but we bundled up the babies and it was so much fun! Peyton and Beckam got to see a reindeer and sit on Santas lap! Peyton loved it and Beckam was so happy and smiling the entire time! (dont mind the dead animal on ryan's head.. oh i mean hat..?)
We just love the Christmas season and being able to spend time with family and celebrate the birth of our savior. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!! :)