Monday, March 12, 2012


I have been a terrible blogger lately! Life is just super crazy and busy all the time, and I havent seemed to get around to blogging as much as I used to. Life if pretty good right now, besides that we are both in school and hating every miuntue of it, Ryan is loving his job, I am loving being at home with my babies, and the babies are both doing so great!

Beckam is now 6 months old! He changes so much everyday, and he is learning so many new things. He is always babbling and making noise and saying "gagagagagaga" and "dadadddadadad" and Ryan is loving it of course! He is getting really good at sitting up, and he rolls and moves around all the time. He is always jumping and bouncing and wiggling. He never sits still, even for a second. He now weighs 16 pounds! He loves to eat, he is a baby food lover! I have been letting him try out all the different gerber baby snacks and he has been in heaven!

Beckam is seriously a dream baby. He is so happy, and easy going all the time. It is rare to hear him cry. He sleeps great, which is wonderful!! He is starting to fight me on nursing a bit so he takes bottles a lot now too and he loves to hold them himself. He is still in our room in a play n pack, because he is sleeping so well and I just like having him close to me. We will probably make the switch to the crib soon. Whenever he wakes up in the morning or from naps he sits himself up and I see his sweet little baby eyes over the edge of his bed.. I love waking up to his cute smiley face!

Our little Peyton Jo is almost 3 years old. She is so fun at this age. She is super sassy but also really sweet and she keeps us entertained all day long! She is such a smarty pants and I am amazed at the things she says and the stuff she knows. She knows her shapes, numbers, colors, letters and so much more! She speaks in full sentences and she knows so much for only being 2! When ever we go anywhere people always ask her if she is 4 years old. Everyone is always shocked to learn that she is only 2.

Peyton absolutly adores her baby brother and nobody can get him laughing as quickly as she can. She always asks to hold him and she always wants to be around him. She has a bunch of little nicknames that she calls him: baby brother, little man, little buddy, baby beck, beckam man, etc.. I love that they love each other. <3 Peyton loves to tell everyone how old they are and how old they look. Its a super fun game unless you are the one is is 49 years old and looks like you are 400 years old... Thanks baby girl... I really apprecaite it. :/ Peyton is kind of obsessed with iphones. She can work one better than most adults can. If you ask her, she can turn it on and off, find and play an game, listen to music, watch videos and look at pictures, take pictures and call just about anyone. She is convinced that she needs her own phone and is always trying to convince us as well... Peytons birthday is in April and she is so excited about it! She always talks about her birthday and being 3. Peyton: "Mom will my birthday be in 400 days? And then I will be 3? And Chole and Miri can come to my birthday? And I will be a big girl, and I will get a new phone? And then I will be so happy? I love my bithday mom!" Uhhhhh... a new phone? Not likely little girl :) She also has had a lot to say about potty training lately. We had her potty trained for a couple weeks and she was doing great. Then she realized it was seriously cutting into her playing time and un potty trained herself. Peyton: "Mom, I no want to potty train anymore. You put a diaper on me?" Me: "But Peyton, you are a big girl and you need to stay potty trained. If you dont I will be really sad." Peyton: "Oh mom, you no be sad. You be alright. I potty train in 400 days and you will be happy and I will be a big girl and I will get a new phone." Me: "Peyton, potty train and new phone should never be in the same sentence and 400 days.. really?" Life is just so fun with my babies! I feel so blessed to have these two little people in my life. Words cant explain how much I love them! I feel so lucky to be their mommy! <3

Other happenings lately..

Ryan has been very spoiled lately, and has gotten a few new toys. First he bought himself a new gun of some sort.. I know nothing about guns and have no interest in guns but Ryan is in love! Ryan also bought himself a new truck! He has been wanting a truck for a long time but he has bee so picky about what he wants. He finally found his dream truck! He got an 06 nissian frontier, and he is happy!!

We went to the most AMAZING concert of all time. Brad Paisly, The Band Perry and Scotty Mcreery came to the Idaho Center! I have been to quite a few concerts, and I think this was one of the best one so far! I absouly LOVE The Band Perry, and have always been a huge fan of Brad Paisley and Scotty Mcreery was so fun to watch too! I had the best time getting to get of the house and just be with Ryan.. with two babies it doesnt happen to often!

We also took Peyton and Beckam to the new aquarium. Peyton loved it! They only have a few little exhibits, but we were there forever because Peyton didnt want to leave. She loved seeing all the fish and sharks and sting rays. I thought she would jump right in and touch them but she was a little unsure at first. But she warmed up quickly.