Friday, June 26, 2009

An update on Baby Peyton Jo!

Peyton is such a happy baby! She has been showing so much personality lately! She thinks everything is so funny! It doesnt take much to make our little girl smile! Here are some big smilies from Peyton!! :) She is so fun!Peyton LOVES to stand up! Whenever we help her stand up she gets so excited and starts talking and shaking and moving her arms all around! Its so funny! Peyton and daddy! :)Some very cute faces from Peyton Jo!Whenever I try to put Peyton in her car seat she always stands up and locks her legs and it is so hard to get her to sit down! If I try to make her sit she gets very angry, so I usually just wait until she is tired of standing and she will sit down on her own. Sometimes she will stand there for several minutes! Its quite funny and sometimes frustrating if I am in a hurry! :) This is Peyton getting very upset after trying to make her sit! She tenses up her whole body and starts moving from side to side!I think this picture is so funny and cute! She was standing for so long this day! She is just hanging out.. in no hurry to get in her car seat!


This is very random but here is Spencer trying to dance! :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

On Sunday Peyton was looking so adorable so I wanted to get a good family picture and Ryan was being very difficult. But eventually he decided to behave and we got a good one.. it did make us late to church! Peyton and Spence all ready for church!Peyton was just looking so cute on Sunday I couldnt stop taking pictures of her! Another one of those days that I couldnt stop taking pictures! She woke up and was so happy and smiley! She is just such a cutie!!! She is still working on growing into her 0-3 months clothes! Peyton loves her baths so much! And she loves to have her hair blow dryed after her baths!
Spence and Peyton hanging out watching the OC
Another one of Peytons adorable dresses! Peyton always looks so cute at church but she definetly doesnt behave when she is there! Baby Peyton looking so cute! Thanks to Aunt Angie!Peyton is just so awake and alert and so much fun these days! She is always making some adorable face!She is so precious when she is sleepingOnce again looking very cute, this time thanks to Grama Douglas and Aunt Jessica! These little onesies they got for her are just so cute so I had to make her a matching bow! I love my little girl!All ready for bed!

When Ryan comes home for work Peyton gets so happy and will sit and just talk to him. It is so cute she misses him when he is at work! I wish I could have gotten her talking to him for longer but whenever she sees me with the camera she gets very distracted!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

More Newborn Pictures!

Here are some more of our sweet little Peyton's newborn pictures! Thanks Brooke! We LOVE her picutures!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Peyton Jo

Peyton is finally big enough to wear all of her adorable 0-3 months clothes! No more newborn!!
Peyton all ready for her first day at church!Peyton loves her baby :)Peyton loves bathtime!