Saturday, January 30, 2010

Christmas.. New Year.. 9 1/2 Months.. House.. Car.. Hair Cut.. Valentines Day!!!

I am so behind on everything! I finally got a few pictures of the house to put up. We also bought a new car this last weekend. We were really wanted a suv because it was so hard to get Peyton in and out of our little car, so we got a ford explorer and we absolutely love it!
We had such a wonderful Valentines Day! Since Valentines day was on a Sunday, we decided to celebrate it on Monday. So we went out to eat and then went to edwards and saw Dear John which I loved!!! We got to the movie a little bit early so we went into game world and they added a small bowling ally so we decided to bowl. Ryan won of course. I really wanted to take pictures while we were there and I was wanting the one where you can take 4 pictures, but Ryan messed it up so we ended up taking 1 picture with this horrible born to ride background. So I told Ryan just to smile cute since we only got to take 1 picture, but of course he didn't!Then we decided to do it again and take the 4 pictures. I had each picture planned out with what we were supposed to do and Ryan pretended like he was going to behave but we ended up with nothing I said to do. I love the pictures even more that way. Ryan always keeps things fun! I love him!!!
Ryan got me this beautiful ruby ring (which is my birthstone) with little diamonds on the sides for Valentines Day! I love it so much!!!
This last Saturday I had a big change. I cut about 8 inches off my hair. I was so nervous about it, but it turned out great and I am so glad that I did it! I have had my hair really long for such a long time it was time for a change!

For Ryans Valentines gift I let him pick out a new snowboard. He found one at big 5 that he loves! He is so excited to get up to bogus and use it soon! I am really behind on posting about the holidays.. well and everything else! We had a really good Christmas this year. It was so fun to watch Peyton open presents. She loved the wrapping paper more than anything else, but she really liked all her fun toys that she got. We got into our new house just in time for the holidays, so we were very excited about that! Great-Grandma and Grandpa Christensen got Peyton Jo some very cute clothes and toys!Ryan and his brother both got swords for Christmas, they were very excited about it! Ryan has been wanting light sabers for so long that make noise and light up, and now that he has them he always tries to make me fight him. Our new years eve started out a little bit rough, Ryan was really sick so he had to go to the doctor and he ended up having bronchitis, strep and a really low oxygen level. He came back with a stack of prescriptions. He started feeling a little bit better later that day, so we just decided to stay home, drink sparkling cider and play guitar hero. It was a great New Years!All ready to watch the fiesta bowl!! What an awesome game!!! Peyton and daddy watching the all star game Peyton is a very messy eater! :) Peyton LOVES the backyardigans, and she refuses to watch them from anywhere except right in front of the TV. The backyardigans always sing lots of songs and she sings and dances along with them. It is very cute!Peyton loves to take movies out of the side of the tv stand and spread them all over the floor, even though she knows this makes daddy very angry!Peyton gives all the movies kisses when she takes them out. She is a very sweet baby girl. She loves to give hugs and kisses and cuddle.Peyton has been sleeping in some very weird positions lately!This last week Peyton got a new car seat. She was at the weight and height limit of her infant car seat so we had to get her a convertible infant/booster seat. It is so cute and she loves it! She helped daddy put it together and then she tested it out in our family room!

Peyton is now 9 1/2 months old! She had her very first piggy tails the other day, they were soo stinking cute! I have been waiting so long for the day when I could put her hair in pig tails! I love it! Peyton has such a big personality lately! She is so chatty chatty chatty! She is always babbling and yelling and trying to talk about stuff and she is sooo loud all the time! I have been trying to teach her animal sounds and the bear is the only one that has stuck. She crawls around growling at things and people. It is very funny! She is just about ready to walk. She was really scared to try for a while, but she is getting braver now. She is getting really good at standing, her record is 10 seconds and every now and then she will get brave and take a step or two. Peyton loves to dance now. She bends her knees and bounces up and down and bobs her head.. it is just precious! Peyton has been doing such funny new things lately. Now whenever we are in the car and we stop and turn the car off, she knows that we are coming to get her out so she pulls her blanket over her face and we have to say "wheres peyton?" before she will pull it off. It is so funny to open the car door to get her out and she has a blanket over her head every time! Peyton is learning so many new things all the time! She sure keeps our life interesting! We love her more than anything!!!
Peyton showing off her standing skills! I feel so lucky to be this little girl's mommy! I love her!

Saturday, January 23, 2010


I am very behind on my blog! The last couple of months have been pretty busy for us. At the beginning of December we moved into a little home in Meridian. We love it so much. It is just so perfect for the 3 of us. It is in a neighborhood called McCaile Meadows. We love the neighborhood and there is a cute little park across the street from our house. I cant wait to take Peyton over to play when it warms up. The house has 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms and an upstairs bonus room above the garage. It has the cutest little kitchen and family room and a laundry room and lots of storage space. We also have a cute little backyard. I cant wait to get some fun things out there for Peyton to play on in the summer. We love our little house! It was so fun getting to decorate for Christmas and put Christmas lights up on our own little house. Pictures to come soon :)
Peyton is almost 9 months now. She has changed a lot in the last couple months. She finally got her first tooth. She is still busy busy busy. She is constantly getting into everything. She is opening drawers and unloading them. She also loves to unpack her baby bag several times a day and she loves to dump out all of her baskets on her changing table onto her bedroom floor. Her latest activity is to get a hold of my wallet and to take out all the cards and spread them all over the floor and take out any papers or receipts I have in there and rip the to pieces. She is very close to walking. She pulls herself onto everything and walks along the furniture and she is a pro at climbing stairs. Peyton hates being told no. Whenever she gets told no she sits on the ground and pouts and cries for a few minutes. She is very good at throwing fits lately but most of the time she is a sweet baby girl. She is very good about going to sleep when she is supposed to now. Whenever we lay her in her crib to go to sleep she gets mad for about a minute and then just lays down and goes to sleep. She is sleeping through the night and she sleeps in some of the strangest positions. Peyton sure is a talker lately. She now says "mama" "dada" and "baba" and she knows what those things are. I cant believe my baby is almost 9 months old. She is getting so big! Here are her stats from her last appointment:
weight: 20 pounds (90%)
height: 29 1/2 inches (97%)
head: 17 1/4 inches (75%)
We Love Our Little Peyton Jo So Much!!!
Peyton unloading her baskets in her bedroom and unpacking her baby bag!
Peyton always has to have things in her mouth while she crawls aroundPeyton loves it when daddy blow dries after she gets out of the bath One day we gave Peyton a banana to play with she squished the banana so hard that it opened. She had so much fun playing in it and eating it. She even tried to eat the peel.