Friday, January 25, 2013

A New Year

I am a terrible blogger. I have the best of intentions to keep my blog updated for our friends and family who are far away. Life is just so crazy and so busy, and I am neglectful to my little blog.

I cant believe 2012 is over! I cant believe this year Ryan and I will celebrate our 5th anniversary, Peyton will be 4 and Beckam will be 2! And I cant believe the holidays are over.. I am always sad when they are over and I am automatically done with winter on December 26th and ready for summer! Too bad that really isn't the case :( Especially because this winter has been extra painful for me. I can not handle single digit temperatures.
We stayed in Boise again this year for Thanksgiving. It was the Christensen's year so we had Thanksgiving at my Grandma Christensen's as well as Ryan's moms house. It is fun having so much family in one place, but it sure makes holidays crazy! We always say we are going to start switching off families each year, but it just doesn't happen. We end up eating 2 thanksgiving dinners each year, on one day.
Christmas was wonderful. I love the Christmas season. I love all of the Christmas activities. Having children old enough to understand what is going on makes it that much better!  The babies were completely spoiled, as usual. It was so fun seeing their faces opening all of their fun things!

We baked sugar cookies
And decorated them
And of course did a little tasting..
We made gingerbread houses
And opened Christmas pajamas
And of course presents
New years is never a very big deal to me. I do love the start of a new year, and I always feel like its a fresh start to make this year better than the last and try harder to be better and accomplish goals. But the actual holiday of New Years does nothing for me. Ryan and I have been asleep for the last few new years, so me made a goal to stay up this year. Ryan did manage to take a little nap and wake up in time to light a couple fire works that we saved from the 4th and say happy new year.
3 Wonderful Things in 2012
1. Ryan joined the air force!
2. My mom finished her treatment and is healthy!
3. I finished one year of nursing school!
We have so many goals and plans for this year. We will have a 4 year old, a preschooler and a sunbeam this year. Beckam is officially a toddler and will be in nursery! Ryan will graduate as a double major from BSU, as well as a graduate from his air force training and this will be the year I will officially become an RN! I cant believe it. It will be a big year, with a lot of changes and new chapters of our life! Happy 2013 :)