Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our BUSY 14 Month Old!

Peyton has some CRAZY hair in the morning before we get it all combed out! I love that Peyton has so much hair! We have already had to cut her bangs 3 times because they were so long!

I just cant believe my little girl is 14 months! It sure is crazy how time flies! Peyton is such a happy, outgoing, BUSY baby! She sure keeps me moving all day long! She keeps us well entertained with her big personality! She has a fairly large vocabulary for a 14 month old and she is a SPONGE! We now know we have to be very careful what we say around this little girl!

Example #1: Peyton woke up one morning about two weeks ago and had a very large, wet, saggy diaper! So I told her to come get her diaper changed but she ignored me. So I started poking her diaper and said "Peyton has a big butt"....... wrong choice of words! Later that day Ryan came home from work and Peyton starts chanting "big buh! big buh! big buh!" Ryan looks am me and says "Courtney.... Is Peyton saying what I think she is saying?" Sure enough, every day, several times a day for the last two weeks she walks around chanting "big buh! big buh! big buh!" I told Ryan I deserve mother of the year award for that one! He agrees! :)

Example #2: We spend a lot of time around my family and my little brother Kaden, who is 6 can be very temperamental and dramatic at times, as most 6 year olds are. He is in a phase now where the world and everyone in it are against him. So when ever my mom doesn't let him do something that he wants to he screams "You're a mean mom!" (Several times I have been "the meanest sister in the world" and on a lighter note, "the meanest sister in Boise) So Peyton has been around him enough to pick up on this and she now thinks this is what you scream at your mom when you don't get what you want. So now whenever I take things from Peyton or I stop her from doing something she either yells "meeeeee maaaaaaa!" (mean mom!) or she chants "mee ma, mee ma, mee ma!"

So to say the least.. we really have to be careful around our little Peyton Jo! Despite the occasional tongue lashings we get from our baby girl, she is very very sweet. She loves giving hugs and kisses and cuddling!

Peyton has so much energy, which causes her to run everywhere. It is very rare to see her walking. Peyton thinks that she can do anything and everything all by herself. She refuses to be fed by anyone but herself, she always wants to brush her hair and teeth herself and put her clothes and shoes on herself. And she has now decided that she can walk down stairs all by herself, which is completely terrifying, because she really cant quite do it yet.

Peyton loves being outside more than anything. She loves playing with balls, and with our puppy Bella. Bella does take an occasional beating from Peyton, but she handles it well. I often hear Peyton yelling "Baya NO!" (Bella NO!) and smacking Bella. She also pulls on Bella's ears and her tail all the time. Bella is such a good puppy, she just allows it.

This is Peyton getting mad at Bella..
And then telling on Bella!
Peyton loves her little basketball. She found a little tool outside and worked on it for quite some time!
Very concentrated!
Peyton showing off her work :) I love her cute little face!
Such a sweetie!

Peyton is an ENTERTAINER! She loves singing and dancing and being the center of attention. She always sings in the car. Its always very loud and very high pitched, but very cute! Whenever she hears music of any kind (including hymns at church) she feels the beat and she cant help but dance! She really gets into it! We love watching her awesome dancing skills!

This is where Peyton likes so watch sponge bob square pants and Grama and Grampa Christensen's house! So comfy!
Peyton Jo is such a special sweet little girl and we just are so happy to have her in our lives! We love our baby so much!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fathers Day!

This was a really great fathers day for Ryan. His dad came to Boise and he got to spend a lot of time with him. Rick took Ryan, Carson and I to the firebird raceway, which was a lot of fun! We left little Peyton with a babysitter because the cars are just way to loud, so she didn't get to see her Grampa Douglas much this time. :( But is was really fun to get to see Rick, and we are so happy we could spend fathers day with him this year!
Rick and his boys.
On our way to Firebird!
Ryan was getting very impatient waiting in the long line to get in!
I really know nothing at all about cars but there was still a lot of fun cars to look at, but the boys definitely had a lot more to say about them than I did :)
Ryan gets so annoyed when we go anywhere because I take a million pictures. They usually turn out like this because he has no interest in participating :)
getting better..
getting much much worse..
this is the very best he could do :)
There were a lot of really fast cars, but my favorite was they jelly belly man! He went over a quarter mile on two wheels and then got out and threw jelly belly's at everyone!
I also really liked the funny cars, but they were sooo loud I couldn't even believe it! They were crazy fast!
They also had cars that had jet engines! When they started up they blew fire and the bleachers and everything started shaking! They got going over 300 mph in a quarter mile!
They were even more fun to see at night!
Thanks Rick for a fun day! Happy Fathers Day!

To celebrate fathers day with my family, we decided to go to Silver City. Silver City is such a fun little place to visit. It is this old mining ghost town up in the mountains. There are only a few people who live there year round, and there are so many old buildings and mines fun things to see. We drove up there Sunday and we had a little picnic in this little park they have, and after only being there for about 20 minutes is starting down pouring and then hailing! It was so sad, we drove all the way up there and didn't get to see anything.
On our way to Silver City!
We were sooo sad about the rain, but it didn't seem to get Peyton down!

Ryan is such a wonderful daddy. He is so good to Peyton and she loves him so much! I am so lucky to have him in my life and to be the daddy of our baby! Happy Fathers Day Ryan, I love you!
Peyton loves to eat her daddy's breakfast, and he is always very willing to share!
Peyton decided that she wasn't quite close enough..
and also that daddy wasn't feeding her quite fast enough, so she had to take care of things herself! I think Ryan very much appreciates when Peyton digs into his cereal!
Peyton loves to hide in laundry baskets because she thinks that we cant see her! I have to admit, she is well hidden this time!
Peyton is such a sweet girl, she loves giving kisses! Especially to her daddy! I love this picture!
Peyton and Daddy are best friends!
Ryan and I are also both very lucky to have such wonderful dads of our own! We love them so much! Happy Fathers Day!

Monday, June 7, 2010


This last weekend we went down to California, Sacramento area, for Ryan's brothers wedding. The weather was so hot and nice.. minus the horrible humidity.. and it was a lot of fun having a weekend to get away and spend some time together. The drive was long, but Peyton did awesome. We bought car dvd players for the trip and the broke the morning of our long drive, and the receipt was back at home so we couldn't return them, so we had to do without. We were very nervous driving 10 hours with a 13 month old without the dvd players but we only had about 10 minutes total of crying on our trip. Peyton is such a good baby, so the long drive ended up not being bad at all!
Towards the end of the trip, Peyton was very bored of all of her toys and books so I just keep giving her random things to keep her entertained. She spent about 20 minutes cleaning herself and her baby with baby wipes and then about a half hour shredding 5 baby wipes into tiny little pieces. It kept her entertained, but made a huge mess! She was so cute when she was shredding them because she was so concentrated on ripping them into to tiny pieces, she had her legs crossed and her tongue out. (This is her focused look.)
We got to California Friday afternoon and had to go to a wedding rehearsal since Ryan and Carson were groomsmen. The girls didnt really have much involvement in the wedding so we just took lots of cute pictures of Peyton during the rehersal!
Peyton loves her aunt Jessica! Jessica is one of Peyton's most favorite babysitters and since I have all brothers and no sister-in-laws yet and Jessica is Ryan's only sister, I am so glad Peyton has an aunt as sweet as Jessica! She is so good to her and Peyon loves her!
Peyton loves her Grandma Douglas too!
That night we went to chilies for dinner and then to bed because we were exhausted from the drive. The next morning we went swimming, which was the highlight of Peyton's life. We bought her a pool floaty and she got very attached to it and had to carry it down to the pool all by herself.
She got very impatient waiting for the elevator
It was taking us forever to get to the pool with Peyton trying to carry her floaty so Ryan took it from her and she screamed "dadddddy nooooo!" as loud as she could and chased him through the hotel.
Peyton always tries to get herself dressed and undressed all by herself.. She also tries to put her shoes on and brush her teeth by herself. She tries so hard to be a big girl.
Peyton had sooo much fun swimming!
Ryan attempted to teach Peyton how to jump off the side to him, but she ended up mostly just falling in.
Peyton always has sooo much fun with her daddy!
Peyton loves playing with uncle Carson. Over the weekend Carson taught her to "pound it" it was very cute!
After swimming we went to the Sacramento temple which happened to be just outside our hotel which we were very excited about. The temple was so beautiful. Going to see the temple was our favorite things about the whole trip. We wished we had known we would be so close so we could have planned better to go inside and do a session and some baptisms. 
Saturday night was the wedding. Ryan and Carson had to be there before all the girls did so we did a little shopping at all the fun shopping centers they have! We found my favorite shoe store, DSW Shoes and Tammy bought me some super cute heels for my birthday! I love them! It was fun to meet our niece Aven for the first time, even though we really didn't get to see much of her. Peyton thought her cousin Aven was her baby doll because she is so tiny. She kept holding her arms out and saying "baby.. mine!"
Peyton doesnt get to see her Grampa Douglas very much but she is always very happy to see him. She loves his mustache and whenever he is holding her she cant take her eyes off it.
Peyton was very upset about her Aunt Jessica holding Aven. She kept whining at Jessica and wanting her to hold her instead. She would put her arms between Jessica and Aven and try to push her away, she was a little bit jealous of Jessica holding someone other than her! 
The ceremony started about an hour late, so by that time Peyton was exhausted and this is what she did for the enire ceremony!
Uncle Ryan got a few smiles out of Aven
Ryan is such a good daddy to Peyton. They had so much fun playing and dancing at the reception!
Peyton was sooo tired by the end of the night
But the next morning she sure woke up happy!
We all had a great weekend and we had a lot of fun spending time with Ryan's family. California was beautiful but after seeing how most people live their lives there and after the long drive we were sooo happy to be back home in Boise!