Thursday, July 29, 2010

Birthday Weekend

I had such a fun birthday weekend! Saturday night I had a surprise party at Louie's Pizza that Ryan and Angie planned for me! Angie is always so good at planning parties and events.. they did such an excellent job! It was a blast!

I was so spoiled and got so many fun things! My wonderful husband surprised me with a new wedding ring! It is a 1.5 carat round cut diamond with 3 little diamonds on each side and a thick white gold band! I love it so much! I really love my original ring too so I am going to keep wearing my diamond wedding band and we are taking my other diamond out of the setting and putting it into a necklace so I can have it forever!

Sunday night we went over to Ryan's moms house and we had a chocolate fountain and lots of yummy things to dip in it! It was so much fun!

Boys... well being boys :) Jonny fits so well in to the mix of the crazy boys in this family!

Ryan was a huge mess by the end of it!

I had such a wonderful 22nd birthday!

Just some random pictures that are so cute of Peyton and Ryan. He is such a good daddy to her and she loves cuddling with him!

Ryan was also spoiled recently and I let him get a new hunting bow, arrows and arrow heads, a target, a bow case and just some other hunting gear! I'm not sure exactly why I decided to let him get all this, maybe just for being such a wonderful husband and daddy! :)
A very happy husband :)
Ryan has been hunting for a long time, but really wanted to get into bow hunting. He has never shot a bow in his life but he did some target practice in my parents backyard the day he bought his bow and he did awesome! He has always been amazing at everything that he does, and this was no exception :)
This was Ryan's target after the very first time ever shooting a bow! This was from about 20 yards away!
Peyton loved sitting outside watching Daddy shoot his new bow. Every time he would shoot she would say "OHHH WOWWW DADDY!"
She also loved seeing airplanes in the sky! Whenever she would hear one she would get so excited and when she saw it should would say "WOWWW MAZING!!!"
My dad trying out Ryans new bow!

This was the target after Ryan shot it for the first time from about 45 yards!
This was his view from 45 yards! The target it all the way against the fence! Good job babe, hope you love your new hunting gear!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The 15 Month Old We LOVE So Much!

I know that I put a million pictures up of Peyton and go on and on about her, we just love her so much! She is just so darling and has so much personality. Her big brown eyes melt my heart! <3 Oh and you gotta love the chocolate face! 
Peyton loves the days that rain, she absolutely loves playing in puddles :)
Such a nice play to sit and relax!
Love the basketball form! :)

The other day we took Peyton to the zoo and she loved it! She loves the big animals like the lions, and tigers but is scared to death of the tiny animals! We had so much fun! I love spending time with my wonderful family!

Every time Peyton would see the animals she would point and say "OHHHH! WWWOOOOWWW!"
LOVED sitting on the baby tiger!
There is a little part of the zoo that is a petting farm. We thought Peyton would love it because she loves feeding our dog Bella, but we were dead wrong. She was so scared of all the tiny baby goats. She wouldnt get anywhere near them and went "wet noodle" when Ryan tried to move her closer. It was very funny to watch! 
It was a very emotional experience, and Peyton and Daddy had a long talk about it!
Love Love LOVE them!
Peyton loves her Daddy so much, and Ryan loves his little girl so much!
One of Peyton's favorites is the lions cage.
Apparently, these tiles on the wall were equally as interesting as the lions!

Peyton thinks all little kids are her best friends, and she always tries to join in the fun!
I just love her and her cute little outfit! Ryan informed me that little girls don't wear dresses to the zoo :)
This is what Peyton does when she wants to be picked up!
Peytons most favorite thing in the world is to push her stroller. It is probably life threatening for anyone in her path, but very cute :)
By the end of the day, little Peyton Jo was so tired! She loves to cuddle with Daddy!