Sunday, December 21, 2008


Ryan was so excited that it was snowing so much that he demanded that we go and build a snowman.. however it ended up a snow woman because she looks like she is wearing a dress! Ryan also says he is going to wear his santa hat every day all day until Christmas! :)

Me and Ryan and the Snow Woman
Our puppy Bella

Ryan and Bella
Bella getting ready to fight!

Bella and Ryan fighting

Bella loves the snow but she HATES the snow woman. Once everyone went inside she started barking and attacking it. It lost a couple arms. We recorded this video after she cooled down a little bit, she is getting used to the snow woman now, but she is still very confused. Oh and the horrible noise that sounds like the ABC's in the background is Ryan playing with a little keychain that burps the ABC's.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

City League and Free Style Ramp

This year the boys got a city league team together. The team is Ryan, my uncles Eric, Chad, Kenny and Curtis, my brother Spencer, my dad, my cousin Jerry, a friend of my dads Dave, and Spencers friend Chase. Ryan put the team in the second highest division that there is. Some of the team was not very happy about it :) But they are doing great besides that the refs know Ryan personally and hate him! They hate a few other guys on the team too so its making the season a little bit challenging for them! But Ryan is doing so great!

My little brother Spencer is really into free style motocross. He used to practice out at the track but the one ramp they had broke. So Ryan and Spencer and my dad decided to build their own freestyle ramp in our garage. They bought metal and a welding machine and built a 25 ft long 9 ft tall ramp. They did such a good job. Ryan is a professional welder! :) However he did come in with huge holes in his clothes and burns all over his body everytime he worked on the ramp. He also managed to catch himself on fire. . . TWICE!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


We had our 20 week ultrasound this week.. it was so much fun to see our little baby and to find out that we are having a girl! We were so shocked.. we both thought we were going to have a boy for sure becasue we both have so many boys in our family. But we are really excited! And the other good news is everything looks great with her. She is healthy and the right size and everything. During the ultrasound she was so wiggly! I feel her moving and kicking a little every now and then but not nearly as much as she actually was! The ultrasounds are so amazing! We could see her so well..we could see her little legs crossed and her little hands and fingers so well.. we can even tell she kinda looks like me! She had her hands up by her face most of the time but the doctor finally got one of them moved so we could get a good look at her face. We cant wait for our little girl to get here! If anyone has any good ideas for cute names let us know!

Saturday, December 6, 2008


This year we had Thanksgiving in Boise with my dads family. Every year the guys have a big game of football Thanksgiving morning. This year it was my dad and his brothers, Ryan and his brother Jordan, my brothers, one of my cousins and the Parkinson boys. It was so fun watching them. Spencer played with a broken foot and Ryan played with broken ribs.
This is kinda blurry.. it is Ryan running the ball

This is one of the guys favorite games to play. Its called sting, they all run around the ping pong table and hit it back and forth to eachother. Whoever messes it up is out and they play until there is only one person left. All the guys who got out have to line up at the end of the ping pong table with their shirts up and the last guy left gets to hit them with the ball as hard as they can. They played it a few times while all the food was being cooked. They all left with some pretty big welts!

My grandparents set up this big astro jump/slide in the back yard for all of the little kids. Ryan and my dad decided it would be fun to jump inside and and soon as they did there was to much weight on one side and Ryan and my dad and all the little kids slid to one side and it started to collapse on them. Some of the little kids were screaming and crying and some were loving it. Ryan and my dad kept trying to throw the little kids up to get out but they would just keep sliding down into one big pile. It took a while to get in all straightened out. Some of the kids were not very happy!

Ryan and a bunch of the little kids sliding down into a pile.. this is before everyone started to freak out and panic because the couldnt get out!

My dad has such a big family that whenever we have family events everyone has to split up between the kitchen, family room and dining room to eat. This year my grandma wanted everyone to be in the same room so they cleaned out their garage really good, set up heaters and tables and everyone got eat Thanksgiving dinner together!

The family

This is my grandma and grandpa and all the grandkids