Saturday, August 22, 2009


This week we went my aunts parents cabin in McCall. It was so much fun! The cabin is so beautiful and it is right on the lake. Most of my family on my dads side were there. It was so nice to have a fun relaxing trip! I love my little miss Peyton!Peyton in her big blue suit :) We wanted to be able to take Peyton on the boat so we bought her a life jacket swimming suit. She is hilarious in it!The boys were very into tubing! They were constantly out on the lake. My dad and my uncle take them on some pretty intense rides and they all ended up with injury's.. including me :( but they absolutely love it!
Hunter, Spence, Eric and Ryan
This is Ryan.. I took the picture when he was about half way up! He was pretty hurt after this! But of course he kept going!

Me and Angie.. we aren't quite as intense as the boys :)
Ryan was so amazing this week.. he hasn't been wake boading in 4 years and he got up his first try and jumped the wake. So then we made him try slalom skiing which he has never done before and he got up his first try and was crossing the wake and cutting. He did awesome! He also tried wake surfing which he did great at!All the boys went cliff jumping.. and because this is not a big enough thrill for my dad he did a flip off it instead of just jumping.Harry Potter

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Our little girl is 4 months old! She is getting so big and changing so much! She is learning so many new tricks! She loves to be standing up and she will take steps when you help her. She is starting to be able to sit up on her own really well. She can roll from her back to her tummy and from her tummy to her back. Whenever she is on her tummy she tries to hard to go places and she can rotate herself 360 degrees in a matter of minutes. She absolutely loves bath time! She will kick and splash and laugh and move around so much she can get herself sideways in her bath or she will somehow get onto her stomach. She thinks that everything is so funny and she is laughing out loud all the time! She always has so much to say and she talks back to everyone really well when they talk to her and she is starting to make lots of different sounds. She loves watching disney movies.. especially happy feet and she is sleeping all the way through the night! Sometimes she can sleep up to 12 hours if we don't wake her up! But usually only about 8 or 9! She loves her toys and books and anything that has sounds and lights. She puts everything in her mouth that she can get a hold of! She is getting really good at holding things.. her favorite thing to grab is our food which makes for a huge mess at dinner time. She is already teething.. so she is super slobbery and she always puts our fingers in her mouth and bites really hard. We can feel two teeth on top coming in and two on the bottom! We love our little girl so much!

Peyton watching Happy Feet and playing with Daddy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jessica's 19th Bday!

Today was Jessica's 19th birthday! We went to see The Time Travelers Wife with Jess, Tammy and Carson. The girls are really liked it but the boys really hated it :) That's usually how it goes with movies like that! This was the first time we have taken Peyton to a movie theatre and she was surprisingly good! She was so mesmerized by the lights and sounds coming from the huge screen! She loved it! She even started laughing out loud which was so cute.. even if it was during the sad part of the movie! We love our little Peyton girl! She is so fun! And we are so happy we could celebrate Jessica's birthday with her! Happy Birthday Jessica! Blowing out birthday candles!Very satisfied after blowing out all the candles in one try! She has never done this before! :)