Friday, October 22, 2010

More Fall Happenings

Peyton is now a year and a half! I cannot believe our little girl is already 18 months old! Time has seriously flown by! Peyton is so busy, and definitely keeps us busy too! It is amazing to see how much she has learned and how much she picks up from us. She is such a smarty pants, and copies everything we say and do. She is such a talker, and she has learned so many new words! She has stared to say phrases and sentences now too, its so fun that we can talk to her and she can talk back to us too! She can also look at a picture of anyone in my family or Ryan's family and show us who each person is. She loves her family, especially my little brother Zach, who she calls mommy.
Some of Peyton's favorite things are babies, shoes, blankeys, talking, dancing, singing, chocolate, little mermaid, pillows, strollers and shopping carts pushing them, not riding in them), phones, keys, sponge bob square pants, mommy and daddy, sweeping, doggies, grape tomatoes, visiting her grandparents and aunts/uncles, bottles/sippys, pictures, Jesus, outside, finding nemo, the park, feeding herself, blueberries, stairs, sandwich's, cheese, making messes, helping fold laundry, brushing her teeth, taking baths, visiting daddy at work, and lots more!  

Some things she hates are, the vacuum, getting her hair brushed, getting dressed, sitting in her high chair, loud noises, fighting or any conflict, when you take her food out of the wrapper, and when I get to close to Ryan.
Some of her favorite words are no, stop it, don't, please (peasss), thank you (tank too), thats Jesus (das Jesus), amazing (mazing), wow, cute (toot), pretty (piddy), nemo (memo), baby, shoes (choose), outside (side), grandma (gama), grandpa (gampa), why, and many, many more! 
Peyton has an obsession with shoes. She loves getting into her shoe drawer and trying them all on, and when she is done with that she goes and finds mine or Ryan's shoes and wears them around the house. She will also go get my shoes when I am trying to do things around the house and try to put them on me. If I don't let her put them on me she gets very upset. She usually bring heels, so I have to do a lot of the house work in heels, so that I wont offend Peyton.

Peyton loves reading books. We spend a good portion of the day sitting in the rocking chair in her room reading books. She especially loves books that have babies, flowers or animals in them. If they have babies she says "ohhhhhh" and lays on her book and kisses the babies. If the book has flowers she smells them, and makes me smell them too and if they have animals, she makes all the sounds that they make.

Peyton is such a lover! She loves to cuddle and give hugs and kisses, which I love! She blows kisses to everyone! She is such a sweetie!

Lately Peyton and I are in competition for Ryan's attention. She doesn't want me anywhere near him, and if I get to close she yells "Noooo! Mine!" or "Mom! Stop it!"  and she comes and pushes me out of the way and then cuddles with Ryan. Of course she has to look back at me after she kicks me out and give me a "ha i won mom" look. She sure loves her Daddy! She is definitely a Daddy's girl. She loves being with Ryan. 

Peyton LOVES football. Whether we are watching it on TV or actually at the game, she thinks it is the best thing that could ever happen to her. (She is definitely her Daddy's girl) :) Whenever she sees it on TV she yells "YAAA! YA! YA!" and then runs around like she is playing and says "GO GO GO!!!" She loves it so much, it is very cute!

Here are some of Peyton's 18 month pictures! Love this girl!
I was so sad this one came out blurry.. I still love it though!

This last weekend we went to Utah for Ryan's cousins mission homecoming. It was fun to see Ryan's family and let them meet Peyton. A few of the have met her before, but not since she was about three weeks old and she sure has changed since then! Peyton was wonderful on the drive. We probably have the DVD players in our car, and sponge bob to thank for that. On our way there she was watching sponge bob and she yells "Bob! Stop it!" So I looked back at the TV and sponge bob was fighting with another fish and it really upset her. Peyton hates when people fight. It was very cute, that she was afraid for sponge bob, and also cute that Peyton and sponge bob are on a nick name basis now. :) 

It was a very short trip, but still fun. Ryan, Peyton and myself drove down Saturday afternoon and met Tammy, Jessica and Carson there. We did some shopping Saturday night and went to eat at my most favorite cafe.. Zupas! We went to church the next day to hear Ryan's cousin speak. She did such a wonderful job.
Utah in the fall is so gorgeous! The colors of the bushes and trees were beautiful!
Peyton was terrible at church, as usual. I look around at all the other babies her age sitting nicely with their families and wonder why Peyton cant do that. She just has so much energy she doesn't even know what to do! She runs up and down the isles yelling and talking and singing, she is so loud and she will never sit still. Taking her out in the hall really doesn't accomplish much because she does all the same things out there, plus some. She torments other children and wants to hold all the tiny babies. She tries to show me their eyes, and nose and everything else, which the other mothers don't love. She goes in and out of classrooms and yells "HIII GUYYS!!!" with a big cheesy smile on her face. Then she will run up to every picture of Jesus and yell "WOW DAS JESUS! MAZING!" This week I was getting really desperate for her to be good so I said "Peyton, Jesus is going to be so sad if you don't start being good at church." She looked over at the picture of Jesus on the wall and pointed to him, gave me a little "really mom?" face and said, "Mom, uhh, Jesus no sad!" So I am running out of ideas for church. Only one more week and its time for nursery! Which will be a blessing, I hope. I am nervous that she will be brought to me in Sunday school because she isn't sharing or hitting or something! Hopefully everything will go okay! When sacrament meeting was over everyone starting coming out of the chapel and a group of ladies came up to Peyton and said "look how cute you are!" Peyton, knowing that she is cute, started twirling her dressing saying "tank too (thank you), tank too" as they walked by her. It was so cute, she is quite the little show off. :)

After church they had a little get together at Ryan's aunts house. They had so much yummy breakfast foods and Peyton had so much fun running around outside and playing with all the cousins on the trampoline.
No explanation needed for this one :)
We had so much fun on our quick little weekend getaway. It was great to see Ryan's family and spend time with them. It was a great weekend!

Last weekend Jess and I went to the BSU game. It was a major blow out so the game wasn't super exciting but we still had a blast!
This is the craziest BSU fan. He was so entertaining and very distracting from the game!
Jess and I desperately tried to take a cute picture, but it was hopeless so we just took these instead! :)
After about 10 minutes of picture taking we realized the stadium had been completely silent for the last 10 minutes. It was because one of the players was badly hurt and had to be taken to the hospital on a stretcher.

 Getting all ready to go hunt!
A proud hunter with his first buck!

 Apparently it is a tradition to bite the deer heart when you shoot your first buck.. so of course Ryan did!
Ryan had a lot of fun hunting with his dad. He was really happy he was able to come along!
A very successful hunt!