Saturday, July 28, 2012

The 4th of July

We had such a great 4th this year! We had my moms aunt, and sister and their families come into town, and it was a blast! On the 4th we got up early, I dressed the babies in their 4th of July outfits and headed to Melba, for a super redneck parade! It was hystarical! My dads side of the family was there too, so it was so fun to get to be with everyone! Peyton and Beckam both LOVED the parade! They threw out candy (Peytons favorite) and there were a ton of horse and motorcycles (Beckams favorite)! LOVE my sweet babies <3
Beckam was starting to get really good at walking, and he did NOT want help!
I had Peyton and Kaden pose for a picture to show how much fun they were having collecting candy! Dont they look thrilled! :)
Beckam had an awesome setup at the parade. He sat in his stroller the whole time (he never does this), eating pretzles, being shaded by his blankets. Everytime a motorcycle or a horse would pass he would sit up and poke is little head out and starting cheering and clapping. Once they were gone, he would go back to eating his pretzels! :)
After the parade we had a big fun family bbq at my parents house! There was so much yummy food!
After the bbq we headed to the park to let the babies play and so they boys could play football! It was the younger boys against the older boys. Ryan and his brother Jordan were on the same team which just wasnt even fair at all.. an of course they destroyed! They had so much fun playing and it was so fun to watch!
Peyton decided to join the football game about half way through and she lined up to guard her uncle Jordan, and then Ryan played a few of the plays carrying her around with him. She loved it!
Towards the end of the game my brother Brandon shouted "Dad!! Im cramping!!!" And then we looked over and he was stiff as a board and fell flat on his back. He was in soooo much pain because both of his calves were cramping. His calves were the size of baseballs. We all felt bad for him, but were laughing so hard from him falling stiff as a board. He layed on the ground for 15 minutes or so and still couldnt walk so Ryan carried him to the car.
Later that night we did fireworks and ate desserts outside my parents house. We had my moms family there, some people from the ward, and Ryans brother Jordan over to watch! We did some little kiddy ones which Peyton and Becakm loved! Beckam was fearless! He loved watching the HUGE ones that my dad gets every year and would laugh and clap after each one!
Brothers <3 We were so happy we got to spend the holiday with Jordan, since we dont get to see him to often!
We had such a greaat 4th holiday! We feel so blessed to have so much amazing family and to get to spend it with so many people that we love!