Monday, December 27, 2010

Fifteen Fun Facts! :)

So... I kind of stole this cute idea from my cousin Sarah who did a "did you know?" post that had a whole bunch of completely random/fun facts... with a fun surprise at the end! So hopefully you don't mind I am stealing your cute idea Sarah :) :) So here it goes...

1. Courtney is apparently completely unoriginal and steals blogs ideas from her cousin :)
2. Ryan and Courtney have known each other since Courtney was 9 and Ryan was 11. They have been friends for a very long time!
3. Ryan and Courtney are both avid football watchers. Boise State mostly for Courtney.. ANYTHING FOOTBALL for Ryan :) Anything football, basketball, hunting or UFC really..
4. Ryan is not capable of playing an entire game of basketball without getting into a fight.
5. Courtney is obsessed with taking pictures. Ryan very much dislikes that she is, but is getting so much better about cooperating for pictures!
6. Ryan is a snowboarder. Courtney is a skier. Ryan is determined to change Courtney into a snowboarder.
7. Ryan and Courtney had a "three week fling" in high school and LOVE to argue about who "ended" it, because neither of us really remember what actually happened.
8. Ryan is studying to be an orthopedic surgeon and Courtney is studying to be a registered nurse (hopefully in the labor and delivery dept.)
9. Courtney loses cell phones all the time, and cant hold onto one for more than a week or so! This drives Ryan crazy!
10. Ryan is simply amazing at pretty much every sport.. especially basketball and football.
11. Ryan and Courtney's moms are both named Tammy, which gives their daughter two Grandma Tammy's.
12. Ryan and Courtney went to rival high schools.
13. Courtney is a stay-at-home mom and LOVES it!
14. Ryan and Courtney have a darling 20 month old little girl named Peyton Jo.
15. Ryan and Courtney will be parents of two in July!

Yes that's right.. baby number 2 is on the way, due July 2011 and we are so excited!!! This means lots of changes in the Douglas household! Peyton will no longer be an only child and will have to share Mommy and Daddy's attention, which I don't think she will enjoy very much. She is a major baby lover, but she is also a major attention lover and I don't think she will want a new baby around all the time. Hopefully she can work it out with her new brother or sister and they can get along. We have so much to look forward to this next year and we are so excited and cant wait to meet our new little baby! I'm now about ten weeks or so and I fully remember that pregnancy is HARD! This pregnancy so far has been rough, to say the least. And it is a lot harder this time having to take care of a toddler and be horribly sick! Luckily I have a lot of family that are very willing to babysit so I can rest once in a while. I feel like I am very much neglecting my wifely/motherly duties because I am so sick. Our house has never been so dirty, I cant remember the last time I cooked dinner and I basically only get off the couch to eat, and to feed and change Peyton. I give Peyton as much attention as I can from the couch. We spend a lot of time reading books and watching movies, since that is basically all I can do. Ryan has been so helpful in making me food and giving Peyton a lot of attention when he isn't working. He also has been doing a lot of the housework, but with him working full time it just doesn't all get done. I'm so grateful for everything that he has been doing though. He has been very understanding about running all over town picking up anything I am craving or anything I decided I could keep down. Unfortunately I don't just get "morning sickness" and only through the first trimester. I am sick morning, afternoon, evening and night and almost all the way through. With Peyton it got a little bit better around 25 weeks or so, but still not great. And really that's still so far away! I lived through it once, so I am pretty sure I will live through it again. And its all so worth it in the end!
To tell our families the good news we got Peyton dressed up on Christmas Eve in a red tutu skirt, tights and a shirt that said "My Christmas present came early this year..." on the front, and on the back it said "I'm going to be a big sister!" It was very cute! We just let her wander around the house and didn't say a word until someone noticed. Ryan's family figured it out pretty much right away. My family took a little bit longer. Every one's reactions were the exact same. They all would read her shirt out loud and then say "awwww... WAIT WHAT?!" Everyone is so excited and we all cant wait until we get to meet this new little baby!
 I didn't get a good shot of the back, so this is what it looks like, only red instead of pink :)

We cant wait for July 2011 to get here! :)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

LOVE the holidays!

We are very much enjoying the holidays and we are so excited Christmas is just around the corner. We have gotten Peyton lots of fun things, and this year is going to be so fun because she will actually be excited to open presents and see her new toys, not just play with the wrapping paper. :) We taught Peyton to say "HO HO HO Merry Christmas" because my mom told me how my little brother used to say that and how cute it was. When Peyton says it, it comes out as "HO HO HO Missmas!"

Saturday we had the annual Bingham Christmas Party (my dad's, mom's family). It is always fun to get to see all of our family that we don't see very much throughout the year. Ryan, my uncle Eric and a couple of my brothers went out a little earlier in the day to shoot birds.. and they did. Ryan expects me to cook dove for dinner... not happening!!! Then they went to the church were we have the party because all the guys get together before and play basketball. Peyton and I came with the rest of my family just in time to eat the yummy dinner and play bingo! The Binghams/Christensens/Johansens love their bingo! The Christensen family dominated bingo! We won every present except for one, and Ryan and I both won, which is strange because we never win! Peyton had a blast running through the church and playing in the nursery with the toys and other kids. She got into it over a toy with another little girl and she got her hair pulled. Now whenever we talk about church Peyton rubs her head and said "church owww" with a big pouty face! Poor girl! Hopefully this wont effect her going to nursery from now on!
 Of course, it took a few tries to get a good picture of Ryan :)
 Lately, when we ask Peyton to smile this is what she does. There are a few variations of her smile, one looks something like a kissy face. I think for a while we are going to have a lot of pictures that look like this :)
 Another Peyton smile...
Peyton was so nice to help uncle Spence put tables away :)
Happy Family :)
I cant believe how fast November flew by and now December too! Christmas is in 5 days.. crazy! We are so lucky to live so close to both of our wonderful families, it makes the holidays that much better. We are planning on spending Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with both families and we cant wait for some quality family time.

Our little Christmas tree was looking so sad with no presents under it so I wrapped a few of them up and put them under the tree. It was a bad move, Peyton has decided that they are all her baby seats and she drags them everywhere to stand and sit on. They were all so beautifully wrapped and now they are a bit mangled. I guess we will have to wait til Peyton is asleep on Christmas Eve to get the rest out.
Ryan is a big fan of real trees, but he was so nice this year to let me get a fake, pre-lit tree! Putting the tree together :)
 Our poor tree didn't get completely decorated this year. I was planning on making bows to put on it, and I have all the ribbon, I just haven't gotten around to making them yet. Maybe by Christmas I will get them made, or hopefully at least by next Christmas :)
 The three presents that I wrapped were already missing bows within seconds of me putting them under the tree.. definitely going to wait to wrap the rest!
Sitting on the presents.. I have been informed that they are her "baby seats".

Peyton is doing wonderfully these days. She is such a sweet little girl and we just love her so incredibly much! She is coming up on 20 months and she is still such a tall girl and has a head full of TONS of brown curls! These little Peyton bits are more for my personal use, so I can remember all the things she said and did when she was a baby how ever many years down the road, and for our parents, grandparents and other family who like to keep up on her life, so I know its long, but if you enjoy reading it, feel free :)

She is still busy as ever! She is talking like crazy, and it is so fun to be able to communicate with her so well! The things that she says and does get more hilarious everyday! I was driving with my mom the other day and Peyton yells "MOMMM WASSHHHH!" (mom watch!) from the backseat, so I turn around and she is balancing her sippy cup on top of her head, it was so funny and very impressive! Peyton is a major family lover! We have the hardest time getting her out of any Grama's and Grampa's houses, she just has so many people who love her and she has so much fun with all of her uncles, aunts, cousins, gramas, grampas, etc... She calls grandparents "Nama" and "Gampa" and she can easily pick any member of either mine or Ryan's family out of a picture and tell us who they are. Peyton kind of picks favorites, and each day it changes. If you aren't on the favorites list that day, you are going to get zero attention from Peyton and she shows no sympathy (unless you lay on the ground and start crying.. which sadly we all do even daddy and all the uncles, and then you will get a little bit of pity love). Peyton is a little bit bossy, and very sassy! We went to church with my family last week and my dad kept trying to share Peyton's crayons with my little brother Kaden and Peyton was not having any of that! So she kept taking her crayons away from Kaden as fast as my dad could give them to him. When she had about six crayons in each hand she put them down, got her pointer finger in my dads face and shouted in the middle of Sacrament meeting "GAMMMPAAAA NOOOO MORE!" And I mean shouted! The other day when Ryan's mom and sister were babysitting for us she did the same thing to them. I cant remember exactly what Ryan's mom was doing that Peyton did not approve of but she got right in Tammy's face and said "NAAMMMA NOOOOOOO!" Ryan and I get told on a daily basis "no more" or "stop it" to just about everything we do.
She loves wearing Ryan's hats and beanies. If we ask her if she is gangsta she says "uhhhh yaaaa!" and she holds up three or four of her fingers and says "peace!"
 She insisted that she be the one to feed herself pudding :)
 After I took a couple of pictures Peyton asked me if I would take more pictures, one with here folding her arms and one with her arms up.. so we did :)
Peyton pretended to be asleep when I asked her to look at me for a picture :)
 Peyton loves to lay on the couch with her bottle and get all snuggled up with her blanky in the mornings after she wakes up.
The many faces of Peyton Jo :)
Peyton loves her sleepy time. She loves naps and going to bed at night. During the day if I don't put her down soon enough she will get her bottle and her blanky and come to me, grab my hand and drag me into her bedroom, point to her crib and say "mom seeepy!" Once I lay her down she requests, "turty" which is a stuffed turkey Grampa Douglas gave to her, her moose that Grama Douglas and aunt Jessica gave her, and her baby. As soon as she has everything she needs she says "K! BYE! SEE YA!" and blows me as kiss as fast as she can. She wants me out of her room fast so she can sleep! It sure makes my days/nights easier not having to fight with her about going to sleep :)
One of Peyton's newest tricks is her air guitar. She closes her eyes, sticks her tongue out, dances around and gets her hands going like she is playing a guitar. It is the cutest/funniest thing I have ever seen.

Some Peyton favorites lately are the wiggles, sponge bob, and mikey mouse club house. She loves most disney movies, but really its mostly the wiggles right now. Ryan can barely watch a second of it without wanting to rip his hair out, but I am finding that I am starting to enjoy them. I often find myself singing wiggles songs throughout the day, it is such a sad thing to admit. I got on the computer the other day to see if a wiggles concert was coming to Boise soon but instead stumbled upon some old wiggles "news" about the blue wiggle and the affair he had with one of the wiggles dancers. The wiggles have scandals too! What?! What is this world coming to! Ryan expressed to me how truly sad he thought it was that I spent the day reading about the wiggles scandal. :) And I admit, it really was! But really.. a wiggles scandal.. c'mon!

Last week was finals week, hooray for that! Finally a much needed three week break! Only two more semesters and then the nursing program! I am so excited but a little bit terrified. Ryan is starting a new job in January. It is a marketing job and I think it is going to be an amazing change for our family. It is going to free up so much of Ryan's time and he will make so much more than he does now. We are so excited for this new change! In the spring Ryan is playing on a semi-pro football team, the spartans. It is going to be so fun to watch him play and Peyton sure loves football games!  Ryan is having a lot of fun playing on two city league teams this year and I am having fun watching!
 The Nampa team got new jerseys this year, and its pretty obvious Eric picked out the colors.. maroon and silver :) GO PATS!!! Ryan was not overly happy that he had to wear centennial colors being that he played for eagle and they are rival high schools and Eric thought it was pretty funny! And I will admit, it really was! I never thought I would see the day when Ryan would wear those colors!
 Ryan and Eric both got to be the numbers that they were in high school :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

This holiday season has been busy for us so far! School is almost over for this semester which is amazing because I have had enough of it. I am ready for a break, tyring to go to school full time and take care of a wild 20 month old little girl is very challenging. And I think Ryan can agree working full time and going to school full time is also very difficult, but we are making it work :)
Ryan and I went to the BSU vs Utah State game today and it was BSU's last game, besides a bowl game which is very sad. It is sad after this amazing season that there will be no bcs bowl or national championship. The Nevada loss was sooo unbelievably sad and Ryan and I, along with my entire family, will probably be depressed for a year. BSU fans at the game today were very supportive of their kicker and the stadium was covered with people holding "we love brotzman" signs. The game was good, another blow out and it was freezing but we still had so much fun!
A couple of weeks ago was Ryan's birthday. Ryan's mom took us to Texas Roadhouse along with Ryan's brother and sister and we went to see Red, which was hilarious. We also had dinner at Ryan's moms house and birthday brownies. I made Ryan a Texas sheet cake and we had a little birthday celebration at my parents house as well.
Gotta love Grampa in the background :)
Peyton found a cozy little place to sit :)
Ryan enjoying his bday cake :)
Of course, Ryan and Carson had to get a picture with Justin Bieber at the movie theatre!
Ryan got a lot of fun things for his birthday. He got restaurant and movie gift cards from my family, a new snowboarding helmet and goggles from his mom, all his deer meat paid for from his dad and new snowboarding pants, jacket and boots from me and Peyton! Happy Birthday Ryan, I love you!!! 
I love this! It is so like Ryan to get dressed up from head to toe in his new stuff for no reason at all! I love him!
Thanksgiving was so fun this year! It didn't happen the way we planned, but it turned out great! We had it with my family this year and all of my mom's family were supposed to come into town but sadly they didn't make it because of the roads. Luckily my grandparents came a few days before the big storm and brought a few of my little cousins along with them and my moms cousin and his family were able to come over also. Ryan's mom and siblings were planning on going to Utah but they didn't make it out of town either so we combined and all had Thanksgiving together. It is very unusual to get to have one Thanksgiving dinner with both of our families so we are very grateful it turned out the way that it did! It was so much fun getting to spend our holiday with everyone, but we wish we could have also see Ryan's dad! 

The boys started out the day with their usual game of football! Peyton, Tammy, Jessica and myself ventured out into the freezing cold to watch. Peyton loved playing in the snow and watching football.
 It was so difficult to get any good pictures of the guys.. they were too busy taking inappropriate pictures!
 I told all the guys to get into a line so I could take a picture of everyone.. so of course they form a single file line.
 This is what Taylor and Carson looked like after dinner :)
 With winter comes city league basketball. Ryan is on two teams again this year. One with my dad, my brother, Ryan's brother and a few family friends and one with my uncle Eric. It is so fun to watch Ryan play. I haven't been very good about getting pictures so far because Peyton sure keeps me busy at his games, but hopefully I will get some good ones in future games.
Boise was hit with a ton of snow this last week and we have been loving it. We went up to Bogus Friday after Thanksgiving with my brother and Ryan's siblings and we had so much fun. We were so excited they opened so soon so we get full use out of our passes! We tried to take pictures when we were up there but my camera died, so we will get some next time! :) One night last week it snowed about 8 inches so we took Peyton out to play in the snow and she loved it. She got to wear her new snow pants and coat and snow boots. Ryan and I tried to build her a snow cave but it wasn't working out so we built her a snow slide instead and it turned out great. It is about 3 feet high and Ryan made perfect little stairs and walls for hand rails and a little slide. She stayed out there forever just going up and down. She loved it!
 Peyton played until it got dark and when we made her come inside she was devastated. She wouldn't look at the camera and she just cried on Daddy's shoulder.
It took a lot of bribing but she finally decided a cookie would make her feel better.
Over Thanksgiving break I also took some engagement pictures for one of my friends from high school and I think they turned out great. Here is a small sample! Hope you guys like them!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break!