Sunday, September 27, 2009


Little Peyton Jo is 5 months old! She is just busy busy busy all the time! She cant sit still for a second! She always wants to be grabbing onto everything she can see and everything goes in her mouth! She almost immediately rolls onto her tummy when I lay her on her back and she is so good at sitting up! Once she is on her tummy she can get herself into a crawling position and she will rock back and forth until her arms get tired and she falls back onto her tummy. Its so fun that she is learning how to do all these new things, she can sit in the high chairs when we go out to eat and she can sit up in the shopping carts at the store! She started eating solids.. it has been very interesting and messy trying to teach her to eat baby food but she is starting to get it and love it! She loves to talk and make noise constantly! She is so friendly and she loves other babies! At her last doctors appointment she was in the 92% for weight and 96% for height! She is a tall chubby healthy baby girl! We love her!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Boise State Football

Peyton went to her very first Boise State football game. She was so good during the game. There was just so much going on and so much to explore she just could not sit still. She had so much fun and she looked so cute in her little Boise State cheerleading outfit! We are starting her out early with a love for BSU football!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Douglas Family Pictures

This last weekend Jordan and Jessica were in town. It was so good to see them, and they got to meet Peyton for the first time. In the fall we do family pictures, but we decided do to them a little early this year since they were in town. It is always a very interesting experience taking family pictures and it sure takes a lot of effort to get everyone cooperate.. well mostly just the boys. Peyton was very well behaved for the pictures, but it kind of wiped her out and she fell asleep half way through, but I think we got some really good pictures.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Peyton's New Tricks

Peyton has been so much fun lately! She is showing so much personality! I love those big brown eyes! Peyton is getting so good at sitting up! She can pretty much do it by herself now. It takes her several minutes before she falls over!She loves it when daddy make her "fly"This is her newest trick. She absolutely loves her feet! Whenever she in on her back she will grab her toes. She even does it when I change her diaper. It makes for very easy diaper changings. Peyton loves tons of things surrounding her when she sleeps.