Monday, October 24, 2011

New Job!

Ryan got a new job! He is now a correctional officer at our state prison. It is a much better job that he had before and it will be a perfect place for him to be while he finishs school. It seems CRAZY to me that he works at the prison, but at I am happy to have Ryan at a job that he enjoys. It makes me a little bit nervous that he is dealing with the people that he is dealing with everyday, but he is loving it! It is definelty a job that fits his personality well! He is still in training, but has already had a lot of very interesting days out there!

Isnt he just the cutest correctional officer ever!? :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Well, I am a bit behind on blogging. I guess that happens when you have two babies at home! This last month has been so fun and so busy! I love that fall is finally here becuase that means BSU games!!! We have had couple little parties to watch the away games and we went to the Nevada game. It was Beckam's first BSU game and he did great! He slept almost the entire game. It was a little bit difficult trying to figure out where and how to feed him at a big college stadium.. especially since I forgot my nursing cover :) Other than that, it went great! Unfortunetly I forgot my camera, so no pictures of little mans first football game. We LOVE football season! GO BRONCOS!!!
I just LOVE my babies in fleece jammies <3

Also this month Ryan's brother, Carson got some exciting news! He got his mission call to the Belgium Netherlans mission, dutch speaking! He leaves December 14th, and we ae so excited for him! He will be such a wonderful missionary!
My brother Spencer is on his mission in Thailand and is doing great! We love getting his letters and hearing all of his neat experiences. He has eaten some really disgusting things like frog (the whole frog), bugs (with every meal) and curdled blood soup (yes, it is exactly what the name says). They have a wild dog problem in Thailand and Spencer has had to get rabies shots since he has been bitten. He has been out 6 months now, and he is loving it! We miss him :( but are so proud of him!

A couple weeks ago we went to the zoo one final time before it got freezing.. which it did! Peyton loved it as usual!
Beckam is two months old now, and is getting so big! I cant believe how fast the little newborn stage passes by :( But he is so much fun lately! He smiles all the time, and does little giggles. They are so sweet! He tries so hard to talk and makes the cutest little cooing sounds! He is such a happy little boy! Peyton is two and a half, and so so busy! She just goes all day long! She is in the funniest stage, and she has so many hilarious things to say all the time. She absolutely loves her baby brother and he gets so excited and starts talking and kicking his legs when she talks to him. I love that they love eachother! Peyton always wants to help do everything involving Beckam. She loves to practice changing diapers on her Dora baby.
After Dora was all diapered she insisted that her baby brother told her that he wanted Dora to lay by him. Im not so sure it has baby brother who wanted her to lay there..