Thursday, September 9, 2010

We LOVE Our Broncos!

Fall is finally pretty much here, which I love because that means football season (and that the holidays are soon approaching)! Monday night was the BSU vs Virgina Tech game. We really wanted to go to the game, but between work and school it didn't work out. So instead we had a big party at my parents house with a lot of friends and family. Being that my family and Ryan and I are such huge bronco fans, their house is always the party house for BSU games. We had about 45 people over for this game, and it was wild, to say the least! The game was AMAZING, and probably raised my blood pressure tremendously and took a few years off of my life :) We had a lot of people, myself included, yelling, pacing, probably crying and even some close cases of vomiting, but we won, so it all turned out great in the end! We love our broncos!

Broncos are #1!!!
I cant get over how darling this little girl is!

Hanging the BSU flag!
Peyton was very stylish on game day with her bronco shirt, boyfriend jeans, blue converse shoes and her orange bow! Such a cutie.. I love this girl!
 Ryan and I are way cool and wore matching shirts. Then Benson showed up wearing the same shirt too!
We had so much delicious food. We had Winger's wings, Louie's pizza, Little Caesars bread sticks, caesar salad, blue and orange cookies, candy, texas sheet cake, blue and orange m&ms, blue and orange chips and salsa, soda and sooo much more! It was such a fun night!
Ryan's brother Carson, had his first football game last week as well. He plays for Rocky Mountain, and he did awesome! Ryan had to work so he couldn't make it, so it was Tammy, Jessica, Peyton and myself. Luckily Ryan got Friday nights off from now on so he will be able to come to all the rest! I love high school football and it so fun to watch Carson play! Go Grizzlies!
 The many faces of Peyton Jo
 Carson did awesome!
August was a busy month for us, Ryan and I both started school again. Only one semester after this and I can start the nursing program! Ryan ordered his stuff to start studying for the MCATs, which is great, but will probably occupy most of his spare time, which isn't much to begin with. The first week of August, Ryan and my brothers went riding and Peyton, my dad and I came along to watch. It was so hot, but Peyton had so much fun watching her Daddy and running around.
My little brother Kaden just started learning how to ride his bike. He was so cute!
There weren't a lot of good jumps out in the desert where they went riding this time, but that didn't stop Ryan from doing a few little tricks!
Whenever Ryan would disappear around the hill Peyton would put her arms up and say "Daddy, where?!"
She loves her Daddy so much!
This looks like a nice shady spot to sit under Daddy!
Peyton found an open pop and tried to sneak a sip!
My brother Zachary kept putting grasshoppers on Peyton and she loved them!
It started hopping up to her shoulder and then onto her back and she was looking everywhere for it and asking everyone "where?"
Has anyone seen my grasshopper?! :)
Later in the month we celebrated my sister in law, Jessica's birthday. We had yummy BBQ chicken, corn on the cob, pasta salad, and Tammy's delicious peach dessert. Tammy makes such delicious meals, we love Sunday dinners at her house!
She loves the rainbow fish puppet at Grandma Douglas' house.
Grandma Douglas has tomato plants in her back yard and Peyton's most favorite thing to do is pick the little ones and eat them. She gets very upset when there aren't any ripe ones to pick!
So sad when all the tomatoes were gone :(
Jessica and I always show up places wearing the same clothes! We always see each other wearing something that we love, so of course we go out and buy it even though we are around each other all the time, and we always end up wearing the same things. Once we showed up to church wearing black skirts, a black tank, black heals and the same sweater. It was classic! At least our dresses were different colors this time! We always joke that we need to call each other and plan our outfits so this doesn't happen.. I think we might actually have to start doing that! :)
Jessica is such a great sister, sister-in-law, and aunt! Jessica and I have gotten really close and become great friends! I am so lucky to have such a wonderful sister in law! Peyton loves Jessica so much, I am so glad she has one wonderful aunt! Love you Jess, hope you had a wonderful birthday!

I don't know why or how exactly, but these two ended up on the roof by the end of the night. Just boys I guess! :)
Peyton was so helpful and blew out some of Jessica's candles!
The next week Ryan and my brother built a zip line in my parents back yard. It went from one huge tree to another huge tree all the way across the yard. They had to climb the tree to get to it, they weren't strapped into anything and if they didn't drop to the ground quickly enough, they would smash into the tree at the other end. Sound dangerous? It was.
A huge branch was in the way of the zip line, so what do they do.. they saw it off, without permission of course! Then they decided to plant the branch so it would grow into a new tree that way my mom wouldn't be as angry when she found out. It didn't work out as planned. The tree died, and my mom didn't love it! :)
Ryan getting ready to go! He is hard to see.. you have to look very close!
Peyton Jo had a blast while the boys were making their zip line. She played in the mud in one of Grandmas pots. She tasted it and wiped it all over her white shirt, all the things Mommy loves!
Ryan is in full blown hunting mode! He went up for the first time with his bow a couple weeks ago with his dad. They saw a few bucks, but nothing close enough to shoot. Maybe next time!
Rick took Ryan, Carson and I to firebird raceway again. We love when he does, its a blast!
It is nearly impossible to get these two to smile for a picture! Ryan and Carson have so much fun together!
Rick and his boys!
Cute and random picture of Peyt Jo! She made a little bed for herself in the hallway, so she could sit and relax! Its hard work being a baby girl! :)
A little later in the month we went to the BSU scrimmage, we are so excited that football is here, we cant hardly stand it! We did some shopping for some new BSU gear and we are ready to cheer on our broncos this season!   
BSU fans are simply amazing! There were so many people there in their blue and orange, in the middle of a huge, and somewhat painful wind storm, just to watch a scrimmage! Boise loves their broncos!
The last week we went to McCall. It was so relaxing and we had a blast! It is always such a great way to end the summer!
Peyton loved the boat. She would say "wwwwooowww" the entire time and just sit back and relax.
LOVE this picture!
I love this man!!!
Ryan is such a great Daddy! I just love watching him with Peyton.
All the little boys spent a lot of time catching tiny fish and putting them in buckets. Peyton was fascinated by them!
Peyton kept filling up a coke can with water (and tiny fish) and dumping it on my moms head, who was sitting on the grass. She didn't mind, because she didn't realize there was fish in the water. Later after my mom is completely soaked, one of the little boys comes up and looks in the bucket and says "Hey! There was 10 fish in here and now there is only 2!" My mom wasn't super happy about that! :)
Peyton is such a water bug! She loves it so much!
I love my baby!

Ryan was amazing, as usual, at wake boarding and skiing!
Boat rides make Peyton Jo soo tired!

We had an amazing trip!