Friday, December 2, 2011

Beckam's Blessing Day

November has been busy! We have had so much going on.. after Ryan's graduation we had Beckams baby blessing, Ryan's birthday, Thanksgiving and Carson's mission farewell! There has been so much fun family time and we have been loving it!

We blessed our little Beckam man a couple of Sunday's ago. We had a lot of family and friends there to support us. Ryan did such a great job and gave Beckam a really sweet blessing. It wasnt a fast sunday when we blessed him because we had to plan it around a few things.. so after the blessing our bishop got up and decided to have Ryan and I come up and bare our testimonys. We had no idea that he was going to do that and so we didnt even have one minute to prepare so we were not overly thrilled about it... a litte heads up before sacrament meeting started would have been nice and we would have been happy to do it. Even though we were both a little angry, we did it anyway. But I speak for both of us when I say being blind sided at church was not our favorite part of the day :) But we survived! Other than that.. it was a wonderful day. My aunt Kim hosted a luncheon for family and friends afterward and it turned out great! I am so greatful for Ryan and the good man and daddy that he is!
Beckam was tooo cute in his little blessing outfit :) The night before his blessing I sewed him a little while blanket and it turned out so cute!