Saturday, November 13, 2010

Halloween Weekend

This was Peyton's first year going trick to treating! Since she is still pretty little, we figured she wouldnt last long so we decided to go to my parents ward trunk or treat. It was perfect for her. She caught on really fast with the whole trick or treating idea and she loved it. She wouldn't say trick or treat or do any of the work, she would go right up to the person with the candy bowl and hold her basket right in their face until they gave her candy. It was so fun taking her trick or treating for the first time!
Sunday night we had a little Halloween party at my grandparents house that Angie put on. She is such a great party planner and it turned out great! It was such a fun Halloween weekend.
Peyton was a witch for Halloween and she was the cutest little witch around. I made her entire costume, and it really was a lot of work but it ended up looking so cute and it was a huge hit! Peyton got so many compliments! Peyton loves wearing tutus so she really enjoyed running around in her darling costume!
 Before trunk or treating we went over to Grandma Douglas' house and there was a kitty in the backyard. Peyton loves animals so she followed this kitty every where meowing. She was talking to the kitty like she does to our dog Bella and was getting really upset when it wouldn't stay. This kitty got in lots of trouble from Peyton!
 Getting all ready to go trunk or treating!
 Peyton started eating her candy after only two cars!
 She was so proud of her basket full of candy! Ryan's mom gave Peyton this little pumpkin basket for Peyton to use trick or treating. Ryan used this same basket trick or treating when he was a little guy.
 Ryan had to empty out Peyton's basket because it got really full only half way through the trunk or treat and Peyton was really upset when he took her basket.
Giving Daddy a high five after some successful trunk or treating! :)
I love trunk or treats because I can remember all the way back to when I was only 10 and our ward had a trunk or treat and Ryan was there dressed up as a cheerleader. It is fun to think that we were once trunk or treating together when were were little and now we are taking our little girl trunk or treating! :)
LOVE them <3
 Of course all of the boys were standing around the TV watching football during the Halloween party :)
 Angie does such a great job planning party's, everything is always decorated so cute :)