Saturday, March 13, 2010

Peyton and Daddy

The other day I found Ryan and Peyton out on the back porch having such a sweet daddy daughter moment. Peyton had her little arm wrapped around her daddy and they were just talking and looking at stuff outside. It was the most precious thing I have ever seen, I couldn't resist I had to take some pictures! Peyton loves her daddy so much! Whenever he comes home from work she gets so excited and has to lay on his chest and cuddle for a little while, it is so sweet. And daddy is Peytons most favorite person to play with! Peyton is so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy! And Ryan loves his little girl more than anything!
Ryan loves energy drinks, to say the least.. but I am not so sure I approve of this?
A couple of times a week Peyton's friend Parx Johnson comes to play with her. They are so cute and funny to watch together. They get a long most of the time, but they do get into it every now and then. Peyton has so much fun with Parx! This is one of their favorite things to do. They both go around the corner and sit against the wall right next to each other. It is very cute!
Whoa! Too much love Peyton! :)
Aww Parx is so friendly to Peyton! Such a sweet little guy!
I love Peyton's face in this one, she is just so excited that Parx came to play today!
Hey now you aren't going anywhere!! :)
Peyton is very very close to walking! She has a little walker that she loves so she walks back and forth across our family room with it all day. As much as she loves this she hates to walk on her own. She walks really well when you hold her hand and sometimes you can slip your hand out and she will walk for a minute by herself but as soon as she realizes she will sit down and then hold her hand up for you to grab it again. We hope one of these days she will be brave and start walking all by herself! It is so fun to watch our little girl learn new things!
Peyton is very excited about being able to walk, even if its only with her walker. Every time she gets going on her walker she always says bye bye and waves. It is the cutest thing ever so I had to get it on video! :)
When Peyton was probably 6 months old, my dad started playing this video for her from you tube of these two guys doing a lip sync to this old song "papa oom mow mow." Every time he would play it for her she would get so excited and dance and yell and clap.. she loved it! We hadn't played it for her for a couple of months so we decided to see how she reacted to it the other night, and.. she still loves it!!! When we played it she got so excited! She started hitting the couch and dancing and yelling and pointing.. she was so happy!! It is such a strange video and such a weird thing for a baby girl to love so much! She is such a funny baby!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Peyton Jo Is 10 Months!!!

Our baby girl is 10 months and 1 week old! She has so much personality and she gets more hilarious everyday! She sure keeps us entertained! We love her! This last week since there was actually some nice weather we took Peyton to the zoo for the first time and she loved it! She pointed and yelled and clapped for all of the animals! It was so fun watching her, she was adorable!
Watching the tigers with daddy!
So happy to be at the zoo with mommy and daddy!
I loved the giraffes!
Peyton's favorite was the lions. She stood against the glass and talked and babbled about them for about 20 minutes. She would have stayed there all day if we would have let her!
The lions liked Peyton too. When we first got to the lions they were all really far away laying down and as soon as we put her down against the glass one of the lions got up and came right over to her. Even though they are in a cage, it made me a little bit nervous having a ginormous lion and my baby girl separated by a piece of glass.
The lions never took their eyes of Peyton.
It was so funny to see which animals Peyton liked and which ones she was scared of. She loved the lions, tigers, leopards and giraffes but was so scared of the penguins! When we put her down she wouldn't let go of her daddy or get to close to them.
She was pulling so hard to get away from those scary penguins!
Ryan was dying to get Peyton some Jordan shoes, they are so cute on her!
Love those big brown eyes!
Peyton has been very into making messes lately! She loves to eat shredded cheese, but cant quite figure out how to do it without making a huge mess!
The other day when Peyton woke up from her nap, she quietly got out of her bed and got into her huge tub of a&d diaper ointment, I am not really sure how but she got the lid off and went to town! She crawled out of her room and was covered from head to toe in diaper ointment! It was in her hair, all over her face, her clothes were drenched in it and her hands were covered! So then I went into her room and there was a&d all over the carpet, the door, her changing table and her dresser. It was cute and funny for a minute before I realized that she may have eaten some considering how much was on her face and then I started to panic a little. So I called poison control and they said no matter how much she ate, if any she would be just fine! I was so relieved!!
Peyton loves to give lots and lots of kisses!
When Ryan was a Sr in high school he broke a little bone in his leg, but he never thinks that that needs to stop him from doing anything so he continued to play the entire football season with a broken bone. Just this last week, Ryan re broke the same bone and he hasn't seemed to change much since high school, he went snowboarding and played in his city league basketball games!
I got Peyton a bunch of new clothes because she is starting to need the next size up and her new swimming suit she got is my absolute favorite! She looks like a little ballerina! Such a sweetie!
Love those chubby baby legs!
So tired she fell asleep in her high chair!
Love you Peyton Jo!