Sunday, November 20, 2011

Ryans Graduation

This last week was Ryan's graduation from the post acadamy! Ryan has worked so hard these last couple of months during training, studying, shooting and learning arrest techniques. Unfortuntly, most of the arrest techniques, he practiced on me... But he has put in a lot of hours, including a few 14 hour days. He had awesome test scores, both written and physical and qualified shooting a shot gun and a glock. All his hard work payed off and he graduated 3rd in his class! It was so fun to watch him graduate and we are so proud of him! After gradution he got 5 days off and he starts work out at the maxium security prison on Tuesday! :)

Friday, November 4, 2011


We had a little bit of a a rough Halloween this year.. Earlier in the day my mom had surgery so my parents missed out on all of the Halloween festivities that day. My little brother Kaden had a Halloween parade at his school so I went to that since my parents couldnt be there to help him with his costume and watch him in his parade. Then we were planning on going to Ryan's moms house before she had to go to work then we were going to my Aunt and Uncles house for dinner and trick or treating in the park at their neighborhood at five. Ryan was supposed to get off work around five and didnt end up getting off until about six fifteen. While we were waiting for Ryan to get home, Peyton fell asleep and I could not get her to wake up. So once Ryan got home, we loaded the babies up in the car and headed to my Aunts house, since Ryan's mom had already headed to work. By the time we got there everyone had already eaten and the trick or treating in the park was basically over. We woke up Peyton so she could trick or treat before everyone was gone and when we woke her up she was so grumpy! She made Ryan carry her the whole night, she wouldnt talk to anyone and Ryan basically had to drag her up to get candy! It took us about five minutes to go trick or treating though the park so then we took Peyton to a few houses, but she just wasnt that into it. So we went back to my Aunts house, ate some left over food and then stopped by Ryan's dads house so he could see the babies and then headed to the mall to see Ryan's mom. After the mall we headed up to the hospital to see my parents and show them the babies costumes. It was a busy/rough Halloween.. but still fun! :)
This year Peyton was a cowgirl and Beckam was her little horsey! It was very cute! I managed to get a few pictures of Peyton in her costume before she fell asleep.
Beckam's little cousin Colten (my little cousin actually..) are only two weeks apart. Beckam was a horse for Halloween and Colten was a cow so we had to get some pictures of the little guys!
Here are some pictures from our attempted trick or treating..
This little guy was happy and smiling all night!
After we got back to my Aunts house Ryan kept eating Peyton's candy and she was not happy about it!
Here are some pictures from Kadens Halloween parade, and carving pumpkins :)