Wednesday, July 13, 2011


We have had a great summer so far! Peyton is such a water baby so we have spent a lot of time at our neighborhood swimming pool and roaring springs. I usually love the hot hot summers, but being eight months pregnant, its not so much fun. It has been nice having roaring springs passes and a neighborhood swimming pool to cool down! Hopefully this next 4 weeks will go by quick, we cant wait for our little man to get here! We have to look forward to the end of summer semester, my birthday, a week at the cabin in McCall, and finishing up baby shopping. Hopefully all of that will distract me from my uncomfortable pregnant body and the horrible heat!
Peyton gets a little annoyed when I take a million pictures of her.. she has some serious attitude
Peyton loves swimming with her daddy :)
Swimming is always a great way to really ware her out!
Peyton loves helping Daddy with homework
And sitting out back eating Popsicles!
Belly shot at 33 weeks or so..
Peyton loves showing off this swimming suit because it is a "princess swimming suit"
Love him <3
So sweet...
Also what I am not loving.. being in a swimming suit 8 months pregnant :)

Soooo excited to be at roaring springs!
The 4th of July weekend was a lot of fun, we spent one day at Ryan's moms house and ate yummy food and homemade ice cream and then had a bbq and fireworks with my family on the 4th!
Never an explanation for these two...?
Peyton loves to pick Grama Douglas' flowers! I am not sure Grama Douglas' loves it quite as much :)
Peyton loved the fireworks this year. After each one she would shout "Oh my gosh! Did you see that?!"
We were so happy Ryan's friend Jonathan and his wife Camille could come over for the fireworks!