Monday, July 27, 2009

So Good To Be Home!!! :)

We are back from Texas! It was quite an experience and we had fun while we were there but we are so happy to be home! I can definitely say I have no desire to ever go back to Houston.. that heat and humidity and those super sized bugs nearly killed me :) We have never been so happy to be back in Boise!! Here are some things that have happened in the last little while... I turned 21! I had a really good birthday and I am very glad we were back home to celebrate with our families!Some people that we missed a lot! My baby girl turned 3 months old! I cannot believe it she is just getting so big and growing so fast! She is a very happy healthy little girl! She is so fun and we just love her to death!!! Some pictures from when she was just a tiny little thing...We have never been so happy to see this!!!
Just before we left Ryan built this...
very sad, this is how many energy drinks Ryan and Spence drank in 2 months!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fun In Houston!

We have had so much fun living in Houston so far this summer! It has been quite an adventure! Sundays are our favorite because we get to spend the whole day with Ryan! There is an amazing pool and kiddie splash park at our apartments so we always go to the pool and bbq after church and let Peyton get in the water for a while because she loves it so much!! Whenever she is in the pool she gets so excited and kicks and splashes.. and then eventually gets very tired and falls asleep. She would sleep all day in the pool if we would let her! :) Baby Peyton loves swimming with her daddy!And.. we're asleep! :)Such a happy girl after she takes a nap in the pool! We have met a lot of really fun people this summer! Here is a little photo shoot of a couple other salesman and Ryan..

Dexter, Ryan and RawsonRawson and Ryan doing some backflips!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


May was our 1 year anniversary! We didnt really get to do anything big to celebrate because we were on the road to Texas but it was still such a good day being with each other and our little baby girl! We have had such a fun wonderful year together! I couldnt have found a better person to spend forever with!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


We had a really fun 4th this year! There was a huge celebration in downtown Houston that we went to and there was nearly 1.5 million people there! The manager and his wife got a suite down town and we met up with all the apx salesmen and their families for chicken and potatoes and lots of good food and to visit and stuff before the fireworks. After we ate and the sun went down so it wasn't quite so hot, Ryan, Peyton and I went and walked around the park and looked at all of the stuff. Peyton was so happy to be outside in her stroller walking around! She loved it! After we walked for a bit we went to a huge outdoor Clay Walker concert! It was so much fun and there were so many people there! We were so far back that we couldn't even see him and we weren't even in the very back! :) But we could hear great so it was still so fun! After the concert we walked back to the hotel to watch the fireworks from the suite. The whole wall was a window so we had such a perfect view! We thought it would be better to be inside with a little baby! The fireworks we watched were the biggest firework show in the nation! It was amazing! We had such a fun day.. but we sure missed being back in Boise celebrating with our families! I made Peyton a little 4th of July tutu and headband! She hated it but it was so cute!At the Clay Walker concert! There were tons of people! You cant even see in this picture how far back it goes! And those lights in the top left corner is the stage :)

When we were walking back to the hotel we ran into a huge group of Muslims dancing and singing.. and of course Ryan jumps right in and dances with them which was fine with them, but while I was recording him I was laughing at him and one of them comes up to me and starts getting mad saying that is wasn't funny and it wasn't for fun and it was for your "spiritual inside" Ryan is the one with with white shirt and the black hat!

Here are just a few random pictures!

I love this picture. Peyton fell asleep in Ryan's lap holding his fingers with both her hands! Shes such a sweet little girl!

Here are a few cute videos of our baby girl! Lately Peyton has been doing a fake cry to get attention.. as if she doesn't get enough attention already! :) It is quite funny! And she has been talking and laughing so much! Nobody can make her smile like Ryan can!