Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

We had such a fun and busy Easter weekend! Peyton was so spoiled, she had three Easter egg hunts and five Easter baskets! She had so much fun! She was so much fun this year because she knew what was going on and she was so excited about Easter eggs, Easter egg hunts and the Easter bunny! On Saturday we had the big family Easter party at my Grama and Grampa Christensens house. We had Chicago Connection pizza and other yummy food. Then we did the kids egg hunt and then the adult egg game. My grandparents make the both so fun and hide tons of fun prizes and money in the eggs!
Peyton was so excited to start the egg hunt! She loved seeing all the eggs all over the yard!
 Peyton was an egg hunting pro, she ran all over the yard and filled her bucket so fast!
 She was so excited so see all of the fun things in her basket! She got a ton of dress up jewelery (which she loves), candy, toys, nail polish and lip gloss! She loved it! She had such a fun day! She spent the rest of the night playing with her new toys, blowing bubbles, jumping on the tramp and playing on the slides. We were there for a little over four hours and Peyton didn't come inside once, except when we made her come in to take some pictures. She had a blast!
 Angie and I are both pregnant, expecting little boys and our due dates are only a week and a half apart!
 It took a lot of work to get the four little girls to all sit by each other to take a picture!
 Its an Easter tradition for all the guys to play basketball after all the Easter festivities!
It is also a tradition for all the guys to go rabbit hunting that night but all the guys got into trouble by the wives/moms because it is mean to shoot rabbits for no reason so it is now rabbit catching. They leave around 10pm and are gone until 3 or 4am, and they run around the desert chasing and jumping on rabbits. I dont understand it at all, but they love it! They always catch 10 or so and bring them back and let them free in the neighborhoods, they think it is so hilarious to see wild rabbits running around the neighborhoods for weeks.
Peyton was very interested in what Ryan was doing while he was cleaning guns and getting them ready!
The next morning we had our little Easter at our house. Peyton was so happy to see another Easter basket and to go on another egg hunt! The Easter bunny brought Peyton bubbles, play dough, sidewalk chalk, nail polish, old navy tshirts and candy!
A little later that morning Grampa Douglas and Pam came over to give her another Easter basket. She got a Dora book, and a Dora doll, and a ball. They also brought over cupcakes which Peyton very much enjoyed!
 We then went over to my parents house for a yummy Easter lunch and Peyton got another Easter basket. She got a nemo ball, some cute clothes and a little bunny. We also got some little Easter presents for baby Beckham!
 We are really quite spoiled, after a yummy Easter lunch we went over to Grama Douglas' house for a yummy Easter dinner and another egg hunt!
Peyton loves aunt Jess and uncle Cars!
Peyton found lots of fun things around the yard, like a cute umbrella, bubbles and a baby watering can so she can help water flowers and a bunch of eggs filled with fun stuff like candy and movie tickets!
Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 8, 2011


We had our twenty week ultrasound and found out we are having a baby BOY! We are so excited! I love getting ultrasounds and seeing our little guy moving and wiggling around. Our doctor has an amazing 4-D ultrasound machine and you can see all of our little guys adorable little features! I dont have the 4-D pictures on a disk so I will have to get them posted a little later, but we got plenty of other pictures of our little man! He is healthy and right on track for size and everything and he is such a busy baby! I felt him moving a lot earlier than I felt Peyton, and all his little movements are already so strong. During our ultrasound he was streching and kicking like crazy. It was so neat watching him on the monitor whenever he would move or kick I would watch it and feel it simultaniously. It was so amazing. We told Peyton she is going to have a baby brother and she is happy about that, but she isnt ready to commit to the whole big sister thing. Whenever we ask her if she wants to be a big sister she yells "Big sister? NO WAY!" I dont think she quite gets what is going on yet and she is such a baby lover I know she will love being a big sister! Ryan is so happy that we are going to be having a boy so he has a dirt biking, basketball, football, hunting partner! Ryan has already decided on a name and there is no changing his mind! Luckily, I love the name too! After Ryan graduated he worked for a guy who had a little boy named Beckham and Ryan has loved it ever since so... Beckham it is! Ryan doesnt want to spell it the traditonal way, but some of his ideas are a little crazy for me! If you have any cute ideas on how to spell Beckham a little differently let us know! :) We cant wait for our little baby Beckham to get here!!!
Some videos of our little man moving and stretching and wiggling around!

These last couple of weeks have been crazy! It feels like we have been going non stop! At the beginning of spring break we took Peyton to the zoo because she loves it so much! It was still a little chilly, but still so fun!
 Peyton used to be so afraid of the little petting farm they have, but this time she loved feeding the animals!
 Peyton's favorites are the monkeys, the zebra and the tigers. While she was looking at the tigers a couple of little girls ran up to see them too and Peyton stuck both of her arms out to stop them and shouted "NO! MY TIGERS!" She isn't really into the whole sharing thing quite yet! :) She loves sitting on the baby tiger.
 Since this was our last week this Spencer for two years we had lots of family time! We went out to eat at Idaho Pizza Company and then went bowling at westys!
 I love this face! She is still into giving me these super cheesy smiles, but I love them!
 This was Peyton's first time bowling and she loved it!
 She cried and pouted after every turn because she had to wait for other people to bowl.
Later in the week we went to the zoo again, and it was half price day and so nice and warm outside so it was so busy! We had a little picnic lunch out side the zoo and then met up with Eric, Angie and Dawn and all the kiddos that came along!
 These are the faces I get when I ask these two to smile! They are best buds!

 We stopped by the pond for a bit to feed the ducks and geese. Peyton loved feeding them entire slices of bread at a time.
 That night, Ryan went to play basketball like he does every week and came home with a broken ankle. He was in a lot of pain and has to be in a boot and on crutches for a little while.
Peyton was really concerned about her Daddy's hurt foot and asked over and over again if he was okay.
 This was after hours of icing and elevating his foot. It looked like he had a baseball in his ankle!
 He was a little happier the next day when he had some pain meds. He sure milked it and I had to serve him all day. :)
 Monday afternoon Ryan, Peyton and I left for Utah and we brought Zach along with us. The rest of my family was coming up the next day so on Tuesday morning we got McDonald's breakfast and went to the Hogle Zoo. This was our third time at the zoo in two weeks but Peyton still loved it!
 I love the elephants, the baby one was so cute!
 I tried to get Peyton to take pictures by all of the animal cages but she insisted that she just needed a picture by the lion drinking fountain.
 My Grandma Rigby bought Peyton this little dress with a tutu skirt and Peyton loves it! She wants to wear it everyday and night. She calls it her princess dress. When she is wearing it she put her hands on her hips and twirls around saying "princess dress, princess dress". I will admit she is so cute in it! We are going to have to go get her some more princess dresses!
 After only a week, Ryan decided that he didn't need his crutches or his boot anymore even though he promised he would stay in his boot for at least 4 weeks. This is so typical of Ryan because he never follows doctors orders or any ones actually. He always decides that he doesn't need it anymore and just kind of ignores that he has a broken bone even though his foot is black and blue and looks like it belongs on a 400 lb man, he insists that its fine.
 After the zoo we ate Ryan's most favorite place, fazolis and then headed to Temple Square. We walked around for a little bit until the rest of my family got into town. We then went to the huge distribution center they have there to get Spence a few more things that he needed. I am so jealous of how many huge distribution centers they have in Utah because ours here is basically a ten ft by ten ft box. We looked around the distribution center for a little bit and we got a couple new pictures for our walls! We then went back to temple square and went to the church history museum and a couple other places. I love temple square in the spring/summer time because it is covered in flowers! The flowers were really new so it wasn't covered yet, but it was still so pretty!
 After Peyton woke up I wanted to take a picture of her with the temple but she was tired and grumpy and didn't want her picture taken so she pouted. But it turned out to be such a funny/cute picture! It definitely shows he little personality! :)
 After Temple Square we went to the gateway mall and ate at California pizza kitchen. It took quite a few pizzas and pastas to feed this many big guys! It was so good! 
The next morning we got ready to send Spence off! We went to McDonald's breakfast and then walked around the BYU bookstore until it was time to drop him off.
It was such a weird feeling dropping him off knowing we wont see him for two years. We are so happy for him and proud that he is going, but it was still so sad to say goodbye!
Spencer is going to be such a great missionary! We are so excited to hear from him and hear all about his adventures when he gets to Thailand. We already miss him soooo much!