Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Ryan's Fun Birthday Weekend!

On Saturday Ryan turned 22! His birthday was a whole weekend event! On Friday morning we went and saw Twilight.. (which was probably more for me) but he really liked it too! Then we went birthday shopping and he got some new basketball shoes, and basketball gear, and some cute clothes. On Saturday we had dinner and birthday cake with my family. We made chocolate texas sheet cake then the whole family went and play dance dance with Ryan. Ryan beat everyone! It was really funny to watch. On Saturday we also watched the BSU game, and then went cosmic bowling that night. Then on Sunday we went to Ryans parents house and had a yummy dinner and an ice cream oreo deseret, and played apples to apples and scene it with his family. Ryan won apples to apples and our team won scene it!

Happy Birthday Ryan!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Last Year...

Since we just started this blog a few weeks ago I though I would catch up with a few things that have been going on with us in the last year!
On November 15 my uncle Eric got married, and I got to be a bridesmaid. The wedding and reception was so beautiful and a lot of fun. They had it at Spurwing, and they had a big ceremony, a buffett dinner and a dance. I am so happy for them!

Me and Ryan, and Angie, the beautiful bride!

Ryan and his brother Jordan

The Groom!

These pictures are from the 4th of July. The 4th gets pretty crazy at our house every year. My dad and brothers and Ryan cant just set fireworks off the right way... they buy big huge illigal fireworks and light them and then put buckets over them so they buckets would explode and we would all have to dodge sharp plastic flying through the air, then the huge fireworks would go off on the ground and fill the whole cul-de-sac and burn everyone who is watching while we all tried to run for our lives! It was quite scary and very exahusting!

This is Ryan and Spencer getting ready for the roman candle war. Every year all the boys have to have two kinds of roman candle wars. First we make a small square of cones and Ryan and Spencer get to run around in the small space while a line of people shoot roman candles at them. Then, all the guys (the dads, uncles, brothers, friends..) get into two teams and each have a huge amount of roman candles. Then they all light them off at the same time and chase eachother around and shoot eachother. Every year several boys end up seriously burned, but they love it and they will just do it again next year!

If you look really close at Spencer (on the right) in this picture, you can see his dreads hanging out the back of his beanie. Ha, such a weird kid! Well I guess they are both pretty weird!
This picture is of our ugly dog, Spanky. He is a such a whimpy dog and the 4th scares him so much every year that he goes and finds a place to hide. This last year, we didnt see him for a while, then we turned around and found him in my dads truck poking his head out the back window. Everytime he would hear the fireworks go off he would duck down, and once they were finished he popped right back up! This went on all night! It was so funny.

In August we went on a really fun family Vacation. We were gone for a week. First, we went to California, L.A area. We first went to Disneyland.. which is fun for the little boys and Ryan because he had never been there, but to the rest of us is just more exhasuting! :) And while we were at disneyland something crazy happened.. there was an earthquake! It was so scary! It only lasted about 15 seconds but the ground was shaking pretty good! Then after the earthquake everything in Disneyland closed down to make sure none of the rides were destroyed or anything, so there was nothing to do for hours and it was so hot and crowded!

We got the whole family together to take a family picture in front of the castle, and after it was all done we were so happy that we had one picture with everyone in it, and then we realized we didnt know where Brandon was. Once the picture taking was done with he pops out from behind the bushes just a few feet away. We were all so irritated. It was such a Brandon thing to do.

Ryan is so strong! :)

All the boys inside Mickey's House in toon town!

After disneyland.. we went a drove around Hollywood and went to Rodeo Drive and went in all the neat shops, where you couldnt buy anything at all for under $1000! The boys loved that every other car driving around was worth over $500,000! We had to take a picture by this Rolls-Royce, Ryan says its worth between $750,000 and one million! Pretty crazy!

After Hollywood, we had four days of X Games. We went to a bunch of neat events like, skate board big air, bmx big air, freestyle motocross best trick, freestyle motocross, and lots more. There was also a big park set up called X Fest where you walk around to booths and get free things. All four days were so hot! One of the booths gave away ice cold towels and the boys walked around with them on their heads all day.

After X Games we went to Six Flags. They have some of the craziest roller coasters ever! This is me and Spencer and Ryan on the sky coaster. It is just a free fall from over 250 feet! Spencer was so scared he didnt let go of Ryan's arm once!

We fed Kaden a lemon and he was making the funniest faces!

After six flags, we went to Huntington Beach for a day. It was so much fun, there were such big waves that we rode all the way in to the beach. The last couple of days we spent in San Fransisco. We forgot our camera so all the pictures are on a disposable camera. This was the first time Ryan had ever seen San Fransisco, he thought it was the weirdest place hes ever seen! But he had a lot of fun.

Some more pictures from our wedding!

Ryan and all the girls the night before the wedding.

At the beginning of May we had my bridal shower at Steve and Becky Smiths home. It was such a fun bridal shower and such a great turn out. This is me and my grandma Christensen.

Me and Becky, the host of the party!

My mom, me, and Ryans mom and siser!

In March for Spring Break we went to Vegas for a week and stayed on the strip. It was so nice to be somewhere with warm weather! The little bar by the pool at our hotel made the best pina coladas. We spent mostly everyday laying by the pool and swimming. At night we went and walked on the strip, went to dinner and saw some shows. One night we went to the Wynn Hotel and walked through the Ferrari and Mazarati dearlership.

We went and saw Monty Pythons Spamalot, which is a really hilarious verision on Monty Python and the Holy Grail. It was such a good show!
On St Patricks Day me and Ryan and Kaden wanted to make green food. So we got green food coloring and made green milk, eggs and cookies!
We started to get a little carried away with the dye, and eventually it turned into a green food coloring fight!
In February, me and my parents and my brother Spencer went to San Fransisco for Supercross. I love San Fransisco. Its one of my favorite cities. We went a few years ago and saw all the amazing things there like alcatraz, but this time we just walked down by fishermans warf, rode the trolleys, ate lunch and went to China Town. Then one of the nights we went to Supercross. It was a lot of fun.
This is one of my favorite places in San Fransisco. Its the most fameous streets in the world. Its called Lombard St, and it is the windiest road in the world!
This was taken in China Town.
One thing my mom and I LOVE in San Fransisco is all the amazing shopping! So my dad always gives us one day to shop while he goes off with Spencer to do other things. Our shopping went especially long this year and so my dad and brother met up with us. They were so bored because my mom was taking forever in Gap so Spencer decided to entertain us and himself by pretending to be a manakin in the Gap windows. If you look if the far right window, that is Spencer pretending to be a manakin. He was so good at it! My dad and I were across the street taking pictures and watching all the very confused people walk by and look at him. It was hilarious! So many people didnt even notice and a lot would stop and look and talk and try to figure out if he was really a manakin.
Another new thing we did this time in San Fransisco was visit the chuch of Scientology. We have heard so many weird things about it so we had to go inside. The whole thing was really weird. Scientology is more of just a way of life than anything else. There is nothing religious about it at all. It is a very interesting "religion".
Another thing I love about San Fransisco is all the interesting people on the streets. Some of the homeless people are just really out of it and weird and its kind of sad, but some people are very entertaining. This guy gets up everyday and paints himself completely silver and acts like a statue until people give him money, then he dances. My favorite guy I didnt take a picture of but he sits on the side walk with a big huge bush he found and scares people when they walk by. We sat and watched it for an hour or so. It was hilarious.
These pictures were taken in January, right after Ryan and I started dating. Here is Ryan enjoying some shrimp!