Monday, May 30, 2011

graduation.. 28 weeks.. family visits.. new puppy.. ouchy..

Well we have been busy busy lately.. especially this last weekend. Ryan and I both had family in town which was crazy.. but so fun! Ryan's little brother Carson graduated from Rocky Mountain! Ryan's Grandma, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins came from Utah to be part of his big day! It was so fun to get to see them, and we are so happy they made the trip! We had a dinner at Ryan's mom's house before graduation, which was deelish! We dropped Peyton off with my parents before we went to the graduation because we would have never made it through with her! She just cannot sit for things like that.. she is much to busy. She had so much fun running around with lots of cousins, uncles and dogs at Grandma and Grandpa's house. The graduation was quite long, like most are but surprisingly more entertaining than most! The student speech was given by two of Carson's friends, and they did their speech together and a "duet" and it was hilarious! They also made up different words to Katy Perry's song "firework" which they sang together, while one of them played the ...... They did such a great job! By far the best graduation speech I have ever heard! After graduation we went to my parents house for a little bit to visit with my family. My mom's aunt, uncle and cousins were in town because a few of their kids just moved to Boise and so they just wanted to come and visit. My parents house was pretty wild, but it was so much fun to see all of them! After we visited and picked up Peyton we went back over to Ryan's moms house and had a chocolate fountain, which we always love, and visited a little more with Ryan's family. It was a fun filled family weekend! We are so proud of Carson for graduating, especially with such good grades and so many accomplishments! Congrats Carson!!!
Love them <3
Carson loves to make me take this picture.. he just loves to point out how huge I am :) Thanks Cars!
I love love love my cousins!
This weekend also means I am 28 weeks! Time is moving slower and slower every day.. we are just so excited for our little guy to get here! This pregnancy is seeming so much longer than my first. I am not nearly as sick as I was during the first few months, but still not great. I still have a lot of nausea at night, but I am mostly just really uncomfortable. Lots of back pain, and trouble sleeping, and I am just exhausted all the time! But im hanging in there, its definitely all worth it when our little baby gets here! We just cant wait! We are not sure how yet how Peyton is going to react to her baby brother. She loves babies, im just not sure she will love having one around all the time and sharing the attention. I am not sure how much she really understands, she knows that baby brother is in mommy's tummy, and most of the time she is happy about that and talks about her baby brother, but she is not willing to be a "big sister" or and "big girl" she is still a baby too. I think once he is here, she will love being a big sister and she is going to love her baby brother so much! She is so sweet and motherly with her baby dolls, I think she will be just as sweet with him.

As if life is crazy enough with work, full time school, a two year old and a baby on the way, we decided to throw a puppy into the mix! This was not in our plans at all, but we were at Cabela's a couple weekends ago and there was a few different families selling puppies outside the store on the lawn. Ryan fell in love with the little lab puppies, and then a week later, somehow we owned a one. We got a little black lab, and he is darling! Ryan named him Boss. He was a little bit shy the first few days, but now he has warmed up and he is wild! He has been a lot of work already, but he has been so fun for Peyton and we love him!
A couple weeks ago Peyton got a really bad cut on her finger. It was really deep but they couldn't stitch it up because it was on her knuckle, so we have been having to brace it and wrap it ourselves. Since it was so deep it ended up getting a staff infection, even though we were very careful to keep it very clean. Once they got her on an antibiotic for the staff infection, she got a yeast infection, so we had to take her back to the doctor again to get another medication for her. Now that, that is getting taken care of we are thinking her finger isn't healing quite right so we have to take her back to the doctor again tomorrow and maybe to the hospital to get it x-rayed. Poor Peyton has been through a lot the last couple weeks.. we hope she gets better soon! 
She was not very happy about having an ouchy on her finger
Just some random/cute pictures from the last few weeks...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Our Big TWO Year Old!

Our little girl is two! I cant believe it! These two years have gone by so fast and now our sweet little girl is turning into such a fun little person! She has so much personality and she brings so much joy to our little family! We feel so lucky to be her parents! We love you so much Peyton Jo!

We had a little birthday party for her at our house on Thursday. She had a minnie mouse birthday with a minnie mouse cake, cupcakes, plates, cups, and Peyton had a pink, sparkley minnie mouse tutu and bow.
I made the cupcakes earlier that day and left them on plates in the kitchen. I turned my back for one mintue and Peyton helped herself to a plate.
 She was very happy about it... I was not.
 Peyton loves her Grampa and uncles so much!
 Peyton is such a girly girl. She loves anything fluffly or sparkly or anything that looks like a "princess dress" so she was so excited to wear her tutu!
 Peyton was very spoiled and she got so many fun presents. She loved opening them and had to do each one all by herself. It she opened toys she wanted to play with them right away and if she opened clothes she just threw them over her shoulder. Peyton got lots of fun toys, cute clothes, an outdoor table/dry erase board and a princess 4-wheeler.
 Peyton loved everyone singing happy birthday to her and blowing our her candles, so we had to do it three times.

Peyton is such a fun little girl! She is a major talker! I cant believe some of the things that she says sometimes! She is quite the little smarty pants, she knows so many huge words and she talks in full sentences. Its so fun seeing her turn into a little person and hearing all of the funny things that she says!

Some things Peyton says when she is angry or when she gets into trouble:
"that makes me mad!" or "you make me mad!"
"are you kidding me!?"
"you are mean! you are fat!" (this is her ultimate comeback when she is really mad.. not sure where she picked it up but it is so funny to hear.. kinda)
"get out!"
"no way!"

Some fun things Peyton says:
"i DO love you mom/dad/etc.." (i love that she always adds the "do" in there)
"i DO miss you mom/dad/etc.."
"i love you bum bum" (we are naming our little guy Beckham, which Peyton cant say so she calls him "bum bum")
"i want to see my baby brother!" (i love when she says this.. so special!)
"you are way cute/nice/funny/pretty/etc.."
"____ is FUN!" (she thinks that everything and everyone is fun, at church she always yells "Jesus is FUN!" not very reverant, but so cute!)
"yeehaw! im riding a neigh!" (she sits on the back of our couch, straddling it, grabs ahold of the couch with one hand and throws the other one up in the air while she yells this, she calls horses, "neighs".. she makes Ryan do this with her)
"mom/dad.... are you nice?! (she says this when she does something naughty or makes a huge mess and she has to see if we are nice before she confesses)
"eww! a mess!" (Peyton loves making messes and then acting surprised afterward like she has no idea how it got there.. she also makes messes because she likes to help clean them up)

The list goes on and on of hilarious things that Peyton says, she is such a fun/entertaining little girl!

Peyton is such a lover! She loves giving hugs and kisses and cuddling, which we love!! She usally loves Ryan most in the mornings when she knows he has to leave for work. She cant quite understand why he has to leave for work every morning, and she gets very emotional about it. Ryan has to cuddle her and she asks over and over "dad, why werrt? (work?) werrt gross.. eeww blah!" and she gives him lots of hugs and kisses and says in a little sad voice "i do love you dad, i do miss you dad" over and over again. It is so special, and I think it makes it a little bit harder for Ryan to have to leave for work every morning.

Some things Peyton LOVES:
going on walks with mom and dad before bed time, princesses or anything princess related, mickey mouse club house, fruit, being outside, her grandparents, uncles, aunts, etc.., babies, strawberry milk, helping mom clean, playing with daddy, chicken nuggets, dora the explorer, shoes.. mine mostly, disney movies, taking baths, hair bows, playing at the park, makeup, all animals, her jelly shoes, flowers, drawing.

Some things Peyton HATES:
getting her hair brushed, the rain, fighting, the vacuum getting to close to her feet, when her hands are dirty, when we have to leave grandma and grampa's houses, getting her diaper changed (hopefully she will be potty trained soon).

I could go on forever talking about Peyton, we just love her more than anything!!! Love you baby girl! Happy Birthday!

I am a little behind on updating the blog and didnt get a change to post about baby Beckham, mothers day or our anniversary. My pregnancy is still going! I am 27 weeks and I feel like I have been pregnant forever and it is never going to end! I am so excited for our little man to get here, I just hope this summer flies by. We started getting his nursery together and that makes me even more excited for him to get here, we just cant wait!!!
 Mothers day is always such a fun day because you get spoiled :) Ryan got me ruby stud earings that are beautiful!! And I got a fun cook book I have been wanting from my mom, which was funny becasue I got her the same cook book :) I feel so lucky to be a mommy to such a wonderful little girl and almost a baby boy too! And also becasue I have the greatest mom ever!!!
Yesterday was our 3rd anniversary, I cant believe it becasue these 3 years have gone so fast! We went to see Something Borrowed at Edwards and then went to Olive Garden. We dont get out very much lately because I am still never feeling really great, but it was so fun to have a night to ourselves and just spend time with my amazing husband. Love you Ryan!!!
Happy 3rd Anniversay!
We also went to Wicked last week, which was amazing!