Saturday, March 19, 2011


A few weeks ago we moved into a beautiful new townhouse. Our apartment was so small, we had no choice but to move with baby number two on the way! We love it so much! Packing and moving is really hard when you are pregnant and sick, but we made it work! Thanks to my amazing husband, who did majority of the work, we were all moved and unpacked in just two days! It is a 3 bed, 2 1/2 bath and just has so much space! All the bedrooms are upstairs as well as the laundry room, which is amazing! We have a little fenced yard which Peyton loves, and just feet behind our yard there is a huge neighborhood swimming pool, fitness center and playground! It is going to be so fun for summer! We have taken Peyton to the park a couple times and she loves it! I cant wait until it warms up so we can spend more time outside! We are soooo grateful to be in our new home!!!
Our New Home! (Pictures of the insides coming soon!)
Peyton loves the little park behind our house!
 Every time Peyton went down the slide she would throw her hands in the air and yell "GOOD JOB ME!!!" :)
Peyton was so nice to catch Daddy when he came down the slide!
On Valentines Day Grampa Douglas came over to give Peyton some Valentines presents. She got some pony's and she loves them so much!
Then we went over to Grama Douglas' house and made heart shaped pizzas! 
Such a typical/inappropriate picture of Carson and Ryan :)
Daddy helped Peyton put lots of yummy toppings on her little pizza!
Peyton and Mommy's pizzas!
Daddy's pizza!
Peyton Jo got a new teddy bear which she loves so much, candy and Dora pajamas from Mommy and Daddy.
Ryan got head to toe new dirt biking gear!
I really need to do a much needed update on Peyton, she is turning into such a funny girl and she has so much personality! She is going to be two in April, which I can barely believe! She has a huge vocabulary and you can pretty much understand anything she says now. Peyton loves singing, reading books, dancing, coloring, playing with her babies, taking baths, playing beauty shop and playing outside. Some of her favorite shows are Dora the explorer, mickey mouse club house, sponge bob, and basically any Disney movie. Lately Peyton is a different person everyday, some days she wakes up and says "hi! i baby!" and some days its "hi! i deeya! (Dora)" she is also boots (Dora's monkey), sponge bob and patrick (from sponge bob). Some days she assigns us to be one of them, and sometimes we try to tell her that we are one of them and she gets upset and puts her chin to her chest and pouts. Mostly, she only lets me be mommy and Ryan be daddy. :) When we ask Peyton how old she is she says "i baby". Peyton is a wild child, and she just goes and goes all day long. Even when we put her in her crib at night, she is almost never tired and we hear her in her room jumping in her crib for about twenty minutes until she decides to go to sleep. She is getting to be very difficult to take anywhere because she thinks every place I take her is just somewhere for her to run and explore. I took her to Ann Taylor Loft the other day and spent the whole time chasing her around the store. She ran back into the dressing rooms, got down on her stomach, stuck her head under a lady's dressing room door and said "Hi!! What doing?!" It was horribly embarrassing so we decided it was time to leave! :) Peyton is a very polite baby and says please and thank you for everything. Whenever I tell her no she always says "hmmm howbout.... and then tells me what she thinks she should be able to do. She wanted to get into the bath for the third time the other day so I told no more baths today and she thought about that for a minute and then said very sweetly "hmmm howbout.... i bath!" She can never quite take no for an answer. Peyton sure keeps our lives very interesting! We love our little girl so much!!!

My pregnancy is still going good. I am about 18 1/2 weeks now and I am passed the worst part of being sick, but definitely not feeling great yet. I am more functional now, and sometimes I even wear actual clothes, and not just sweats. Before I could barely shower once and I was at maximum effort for that week, now I am able to do a lot more and even do my hair and put makeup on. In the first few months I only made two dinners total, and just last week alone I made four, so Ryan is very please with that! Besides being sick, everything else is going great! I am very grateful that I am feeling better much sooner with this pregnancy, with Peyton I was still throwing up all day long up until about 25 weeks. I am pretty sure Peyton doesn't really know what is going on. She knows mommy has a baby in her tummy, but she thinks she has one in her tummy too. So we really have no clue how she is going to react when our new little baby gets here! We find out what we are having on April 7th and we cant wait!!!

This last weekend I went to a couple of my friends baby showers. Friday night was Kelsey's and it was so much fun. It was so fun to see her and all of the fun baby stuff she got. Her little man is going to be looking so cute! So many of my friends from high school were there and it was great to get to see them and catch up! Saturday was my friend Courtney's baby shower. She is having a little girl and is due in three weeks! I have never seen so many adorable little girl clothes! I love getting to go to baby showers and seeing old friends!

This weekend is going to be so busy and so fun.. Some of my moms family is coming into town because Spencer's farewell is this weekend! He got his mission call to Bangkok, Thailand, Thai speaking! I cant believe his farewell is already almost here and he will be gone in a couple of weeks! We went with him Friday to the temple for the first time, and then Sunday is his farewell and we are doing two different open houses for him that afternoon/night! Spencer goes into the MTC April 6th, and we are so excited to get to go to Utah with my family to see him off! He is going to be such a wonderful missionary and he is so excited to go to Thailand he can barely stand it! (Spencer's farewell is tomorrow March 20th, at 9am at the Locust Grove stake center, come if you can!!)
Spencer and the proud parents!
Temple Day!
Lots of family and friends came to support Spence on his special day!