Thursday, November 1, 2012


Meet Ms. Minnie Mouse...
and Mr. Clark Kent...
To much surprise, Beckam actually left his glasses on all night.
On Saturday we went to Boo at the Zoo. The  babies loved it of course because there was animals and trick or treating! And I loved it because my bestie was in town for a couple days so I got to see her :)
This was Beckams first Halloween trick or treating.. he was a natural! He definitely wasn't shy and helped himself to handfuls at each stop. We went to my aunt Dawns ward trunk or treat so that Peyton could trick or treat with her cousins Chloe and Miri. They had a blast together!
Beckam completely did his own thing. He ran around the parking lot, grabbing handfuls of candy, and daddy got to follow him where ever he went :) 
Happy Halloween!

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Kellie said...

I think you must have the cutest kids on the planet!!