Monday, September 10, 2012

Western Idaho Fair!

I LOVE the fair!

Exactly 9 summers ago I went to the fair with this cute high school boy <3
At that time I had no idea 5 years later this would happen...

and this...

and then this...

and then this...

and 9 years later we are at that same fair with our two sweet babies :)

I was so excited to take them to the fair this year because Peyton is at the age where everyting we do is the best thing that could ever happen to her, and Beckam is happy any time that she is. And they both loved it!

When we first got there we ran into Aunt Jessica and cousin Aven. Peyton and Aven are little buddies so Peyton was so excited to go on some rides with her. We thought we found a ride they could do on their own, but poor Jessica got stuck riding with them last minute in the hot, tiny helicopter.
Peyton is a thrill seeker, just like her dad. We found the most intense rides that she was tall enough for, and none of them quite did it for her. She enjoyed the rollarcoaster and the swings, but kept asking us to go on all of the huge, crazy rides.

Beckam was happy being strolled around for a while, but by the time we got to the animals he wanted his independence. He walked all over that petting zoo, touching the animals, talking to them, yelling at them. He was loving it.
This guy got a little to close for comfort, and Beckam looked up and let Daddy know that he needed to do something about it..
Are you seeing this dad?!
And of course we had to get some greasy fair food!

We ended the night with yummy Roy's milkshakes. It was a great night at the fair.


Sarah Osborne said...

How fun! I love the fair! Your family is too cute :)

Karalee said...

Cutest family!

Mmm...mama♥ said...

Yes poor Aunt Jessica lol